NatWest customers hit by fresh outage

NatWest customers hit by fresh outage

Summary: RBS has confirmed Twitter reports on Thursday of an outage in NatWest online banking and debit card systems

TOPICS: Security, Banking, Outage

RBS Group has confirmed Twitter reports of an online banking and debit card outage.

RBS has confirmed reports of an outage hitting its debit card services. Image credit: RBS

Online banking and debit card transactions have been hit, RBS said in a statement on Thursday.

"Some of our customers are experiencing technical difficulties this afternoon with online banking and debit cards," said RBS. "We are working hard to resolve this and will provide an update as soon as possible."

Some Twitter users reported their dissatisfaction with the outage, which comes only a month after a serious batch-processing error by the bank.

"Time to leave NatWest, I think," said Twitter user Tony Heugh. "Any recommendations for banks? Debit card isn't working so the bar is really low."

Last month RBS customers were hit by a balance glitch that caused issues for a number of NatWest, Ulster Bank, and RBS customers.

Topics: Security, Banking, Outage

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  • IT must keep it's eye on the ball

    Stephen Hester explained that his IT lost that balance, putting too much time into what he called innovating, and not enough time into running the nuts and bolts of the department.

    Now the blame game begins. That the CEO is publicly blaming IT shouldn’t come as any surprise to the IT pros who read this blog, but unfortunately in this case, it looks like it really might have been IT’s fault. And with a mistake this bad, let’s face it, somebody is going to have to answer for it.

    In the end, this becomes a cautionary tale for every IT pro. You need to make sure your most crucial systems can always be in place, even during an upgrade. Go slowly and don’t ever expose your company in the manner this one was, because if you do, it gets ugly in a hurry.