Navigating with Nokia Drive+ Beta on the HTC 8X (screenshot gallery)

Navigating with Nokia Drive+ Beta on the HTC 8X (screenshot gallery)

Summary: Last year Microsoft and Nokia stated that they would bring turn-by-turn voice navigation, powered by Nokia, to all WP8 devices and yesterday that promise came true. This screenshot gallery shows how Nokia Drive+ Beta works on the HTC 8X.


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  • Choose your voice

    Select the voice you want to use for voice navigation and then select to download the voice to your smartphone.
  • Setup is done, now manage your maps

    The maps you previously downloaded for the included Maps application also work with Nokia Drive. You can choose to download other maps for offline navigation or faster online navigation.
  • Toggle between 2D or 3D mode

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  • Didn't get far . . .

    . . . because this article uses the pathetic ZDNet slide show that is constantly flashing and scrolling. Please bring your slide show technology into the 1990's.

    There was an alternative to the do-nothing Drive thing with my Verizon 8X - I could use Verizon's VZ Navigator, which, after a trial, they want $10 per month for a pretty unimpressive app. Somebody at Verizon is smoking crack.

    I will be downloading Nokia Drive soon.
    • Exactly!

      It drives me nuts that the page reloads every time you go to the next image, then you have to scroll again to see the image and click the next button. This is really old technology and a piss poor user experience.
    • You have my vote 100X over on this.

      Why can't ZDNet, an IT based mag, have a better slide show presenter. The page reload is a serious drag and bandwidth hog.
    • slide show

      Absolutely right, their slide show sucks. makes you not want to view any of the galleries.
  • Nokia phones

    Matt, In my Lumia 920, when I click an address in Bing Search results, it launches the Bing Maps. Then If I click the directions button, Bing will give me the step by step directions to reach the destination. In that screen there is a drive button which if clicked will launch Nokia Drive/

    On your 8X, what happens when you click the 'use and app' link?
  • Two different mapping solutions and ways to get there

    When I tap the 'use an app' link the 8X launches Nokia Drive and begins the turn-by-turn voice guided navigation session.

    I just tested my Lumia 920 and can offer the following comments. When you tap the Address (not the Drive/use an app link) then it opens Bing Maps. If you then tap the Drive icon at the bottom then Nokia Drive launches.

    When you tap Drive/use an app, then Nokia Drive is launched. Microsoft should really clean this up and just pick one solution as this seems to be a bit confusing, don't you think?
    palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
    • I agree, more polishing required.

      Probably they will fix this soon, as the current solutions need extra steps. Also in the Nokia Drive app, I cannot click and select a destination and it force me to use the search destination, which is annoying.

      Hopefully when the Nokia Drive sheds its beta status, all these gripes will be sorted out.

      Other than the above, Nokia drive is an excellent application with full offline support.
    • Cleaning it up

      What I really wonder is, did Microsoft come under pressure to dumb down Bing Maps turn-by-turn voice navigation that was present in WP7 to make room for cost plus solutions from the likes of Verizon. I think it would be good to have a preference so you could say, "When I tap an address, start my Drive app." But, sometimes when I am mapping an address, I just want to see where it is; I'm not driving there. So I don't really find anything objectionable about having separate mapping and driving apps.
  • Navigating with Nokia Drive+ Beta on the HTC 8X (screenshot gallery)

    Its a nice app for being in beta and being free. Landmarks along the side of the road are helpful too.
  • Pinning a location to start is by far the best feature.

    GPS to home is only one button ever.
    I pin 3 common addresses, love love it.

    btw I dont miss Verizon at all, glad I dumped them and got a 920 on att, no coverage problems at all.