NBN Co board submits resignation: Report

NBN Co board submits resignation: Report

Summary: Reports suggest that all of the board members of NBN Co have offered their resignations to the new communications minister.

TOPICS: NBN, Government

The entire NBN Co board has reportedly resigned to Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

The resignations have yet to be accepted by the minister, Fairfax Media has reported, and a decision is to be made at a Cabinet meeting in early October.

Turnbull hinted in July, after NBN Co chief executive Mike Quigley quit, that he may sack board members from the organisation responsible for the National Broadband Network.

The Coalition has blamed the board and executive team for massive cost blowouts, timetable delays, and contractors losing money.

Turnbull said after the election that former Telstra boss Ziggy Switkowski would be well qualified for the role of NBN Co chairman.

The Coalition's vastly different plan for the network would switch from the previous Labor government's fibre-to-the-home scheme to a cheaper fibre-to-the-node option.

Topics: NBN, Government

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  • No surprises here. No doubt they don't want to have anything to do with in the disaster and inevitable embarrassment of Turnbull's gimped network. They can see it coming a mile away too and don't want their names sullied by such a poorly thought out plan . Who can blame them. The proper NBN was such an awesome project and something they could be proud to be a part of now it'll just be a $30+ billion Abbott style 'video entertainment system'. What a waste.

    I'm sure Turnbull and his zoo crew chums will have no problems hiring new "talent" that will never have issues with "cost blowouts", "delays" either. Go Ziggy! :-)

    1194 days to go!
    Hubert Cumberdale
  • Jump or get pushed?

    I'd guess they didn't have much choice here.
  • Bring on CopperNet

    Such a pity that Tony isn't a "Tech-Head", and Turnbull is lumbered with selling Australia this crap.

    Bring on CopperNet! ;)
  • Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

    About bloody time! This is a victory for everyone. I've always seen FTTN as a threat not a promise. It's a threat that seems to have paid off an has sent the nbn co board running for the hills. Of course their resignation has everything to do with the opposition to FTTN and the government. Nothing to do with the fact they only managed to deliver services to 200k of the target 1.2 million premises. LOL! FTTH is now a viable option that has a chance of delivering on budget and on time now these morons are out of the picture. I'm confident the nbn inquiry will conclude FTTH is the best option. Then it's time to get the right people on board and get back on track!
    • I say I just don't think your thinking.

      Lets see. We have a coalition Government FTTH is dead, so you can stop the silly stuff, you will be on wireless satellite at 20Mb per second shared with 10 or 15 thousand others before the Turnbull /Ziggy show is done.

      The liberals can just close up the NBN Co and forget it. They are offering nothing meaningful, other than to nationalise the copper network they sold with Telstra at a huge cost. Save the 10 billion and leave Telstra with their dying system. It is the last mile of copper that is in it's death throws and we the tax payer are giving Telstra 10 or 11 Billion for it.
      Neither were offering a real fix, both offered band-aids. it is just that Turnbull has a band-aid and he needs a tourniquet, his predecessor had a solution, as long as you lived and worked in site of a state government legislature. Remote Australia, what is the change for me? I get to keep my ADSL which I was told would eventually be disconnected by NBN Co so they could give me a superior satellite service, with high latency, restrictive download limits and at high cost.
  • I can't say I am surprised but

    There seems to have only been one report from Fairfax and no corroboration which is a surprise. I would have expected Murdoch's papers to be all over this.
  • second rate for a second rate country

    They took on the role of providing a ubiquitous National Communications Platform for many decades ahead that provides true competition in all areas except infrastructure, is readily and economically upgradeable.
    At each premises the NTU has access to the entire at this time 2.5Gb (future 10 or 40Gb available) with 4 ports each can be a separate discrete service, also enabling true multicasting.

    The FTTN we are lumbered with is just a single data stream, sure alternative services can be subscribed to within the data cap and subject to ISP DPI and QOS and traffic management practices (protecting the services they offer). The pay for your own FOD is just a fibre version of the copper single stream, not the full Monty NBN FTTP regardless of spin, so a waste of time and money.
    In fact I expect the 4 port NTU will be junked even exis, ensuring limited services and competition.
    It will be interesting to see who takes their 12 pieces of silver to sell out Australia's future.
    Abel Adamski