NBN Co hooks up 1000s more Tassie homes

NBN Co hooks up 1000s more Tassie homes

Summary: Nearly 13,000 Tasmanian households and businesses will be connected to the National Broadband Network (NBN) in a few weeks.


Nearly 13,000 Tasmanian households and businesses will be connected to the National Broadband Network (NBN) in a few weeks.

Four more locations — Deloraine, Triabunna, Sorrell and Kingston Beach — were added to the network today, covering 3900 premises.

This adds to the 4000 premises that are already connected in Smithton, Scottsdale and Midway Point.

Access will also be provided to premises in George Town and St Helens within weeks, connecting a further 4900 Tasmanian homes and businesses.

Together, this means that 12,800 homes across the state will be able to connect to the National Broadband Network.

Tasmania is forecast to complete its NBN roll-out by 2015, the first state to do so.

NBN Co also said that it has started planning to deliver fixed-wireless broadband to 32,000 Tasmanian premises.

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  • Given their record to date, will News Ltd be scouring the ranks of newly-connected people to find a nice old couple who can be photographed in front of their cottage declaring that this NBN thingy is quite unnecessary?
    • They probably won't be so obvious. Now that the yanks are planning to out-do our NBN...


      How embarrassing for News Ltd to be blatantly opposed to the NBN for so long. What a disgraceful media outlet and a disgrace in journalism.

      Let us NOT forget how News Ltd attempted to deny Australians from infrastructure necessary for our long term prosperity. ANNABEL HEPWORTH and MITCHELL BINGEMANN should be ashamed of there complete bias towards there employers agenda. Their credibility is beyond repair and any future reports they produce should be viewed as questionable.

      And to all those minions who believed that IT infrastructure should be determined by News Ltd, you were wrong... So very very wrong... Brainwashing seems to be very easy now days doesn't it.

      That's alright though, it's not your fault. It doesn't matter now. Australians will have an NBN and the Coalition will not be able to stop it. Just ask Turnbull...

      We should all take note of the state of today's journalism. We now have Journalists completely willing to tow the line of their employers instructions. Why? Because they are incompetent, and will do anything to keep their jobs.

      We no longer live in an age of informed debate... Shame Australia... Shame...
    • Not at all, they will be promoting how Alan Jones laser thingy could have done it better, or even better still how HFC with their Foxtel and Sky network would have been better and cheaper
      Abel Adamski