NBN Co lists starting dates for new sites

NBN Co lists starting dates for new sites

Summary: The National Broadband Network Company (NBN Co) is starting construction on its second wave of mainland sites this month, located in two states and one territory, according to the company.

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The National Broadband Network Company (NBN Co) is starting construction on its second wave of mainland sites this month, located in two states and one territory, according to the company.

Preliminary site works will begin in Armidale and Coffs Harbour this month, with blocks of around 3000 houses either adjacent to first release sites or in completely new areas being added to the network. Other sites will follow.

The sites being announced are all in New South Wales, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory due to a construction deal that NBN Co recently signed with Silcar.

Negotiations are progressing to select construction companies to do work in the other states and territory, according to NBN Co. The complete list of second release sites, including areas other than New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT, was announced in July.

The starting dates of preliminary work on second release sites are as follows:

  • Coffs Harbour, NSW — August 2011
  • Armidale, NSW — August 2011
  • Townsville, Qld — September 2011
  • Kiama township and Jamberoo, NSW — September 2011
  • Toowoomba, Qld — October 2011
  • Gungahlin, ACT — October 2011
  • Riverstone, NSW — November 2011
  • Goodna/Springfield Lakes, Qld — November 2011
  • Aspley, Brisbane metropolitan area, Qld — December 2011

NBN Co estimated that it will take 12 months from preliminary works to the activation of the first services for the sites.

"The signing of the definitive agreement with Telstra — though yet to be approved by shareholders — together with the finalisation of the construction contract with Silcar, has allowed us to finalise the proposed schedule for the next round of construction in mainland Australia," NBN Co CEO Mike Quigley said in a statement.

"The use of Telstra's infrastructure, where it is available, should reduce the amount of disruption for the community and provide a smoother and more efficient roll-out. It was for this reason that we waited to start this next phase of construction."

Topics: Broadband, NBN

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  • What about Darwin NT!?
    • Casuarina has been announced for some time as a second release site - because the Silcar tender only covers NSW, Qld and ACT, the announcement of a start date for Casuarina will depend on the final selection of the tender to cover NT (as well as WA, SA and Vic, probably - either all together, or in two separate tenders). The tenderers will probably be announced in the next week or two.

      On another note relating to Darwin, this announcement is hot off the presses:

      "The company rolling out the national broadband network has announced the first five regional cities to get a fixed wireless internet service.
      NBN Co. says the service will be installed in outlying areas of Darwin, Toowoomba, Tamworth, Ballarat and Geraldton."
      Source: http://www.abc.net.au/rural/news/content/201108/s3284293.htm

      This would be relevant for those who live outside the fibre footprint, but close enough to Darwin to be within range of the transmitter towers. Good for people in those areas who (most probably) have very poor speeds or practically no usable ADSL. Remember: the difference between this and existing 3G broadband (like Telstra NextG) is that the prices will resemble the other entry level broadband services (like Exetel's $34.50 entry price) rather than the exorbitant charges for high data use on NextG; and also, this is a fixed, not mobile service, tailored to deliver a much better quality and more reliable data rate to the home/business than NextG.
  • @Seppo: What's Darwin's existing broadband like? One of those listed, Gunghalin, is on RIMs, which means it doesn't get broadband at all. If they're placing worst first, then look at what you've got. I'm on 30/10, so am likely to be near end of rollout :)
  • i wonder how many of those locations have a ALP member of parliament?
  • Dear 1984,

    If you are actually interested in how many are ALP members of parliament why dont you try and look it up on the internet or in a Library to find a fact rather than just impling some kind of fix.

    I have saved you the trouble and I have been as accurate as I can be:

    Coffs Harbour - Luke Hartsuyker, Nationals
    Armidale - (Man of the People) Tony Windsor, Independant
    Townsville - Herbert Ewan Jones, Liberal National
    Kiama / Jamberoo - Sharon Bird, ALP
    Toowoomba - Ian McFarlane, Liberal National
    Gungahlin - Andrew Leigh, ALP
    Riverstone, Michelle Rowland, ALP
    Goodna, Springfield Lakes, Aspley - Craig Emerson, ALP

    I will grant you it may be a machivellian plan but only in that the sites may have been chosen to irritate the Liberals, Nationals and Bob Katter by building the NBN in or near to their electorates.
    • Just a small point of correction there (not trying to take away from your message)

      But for Brisbane, Aspley is in two electorates, depend on what side of Albany Creek rd you are on.

      Lilley - Hon. Wayne Swan - ALP
      Petrie - Hon. Yvette D'Ath - ALP

      Springfield Lakes is;
      Oxley - Hon. Bernie Ripoll - ALP

      Tho, I do find it a tad bit interesting (not alleging anything here) but the initial foot print for the P2 release sites for Brisbane had the 'inner north' - the seat of Brisbane which did change hands in the 2010 election from ALP - Arch Bevis to LIB - Hon. Teresa Gambaro. Coincidence? I will let those with tin hats work that out.
  • They are in independant seats (oakshott), ACT (Labor), Riverstone (Labor), Armidale
    • Not correct for Oakeshott: he is the Member for Lyne, which covers Port Macquarie but not Coffs Harbour. Coffs Harbour is squarely in the middle of Cowper - and the Member for Cowper, as awebber2 correctly points out, is Luke Hartsuyker, a National Party member.

      There are no announced rollout plans for Oakeshott's electorate of Lyne.
  • what a joke..
    • Go on, share! I love a good joke...
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