NBN Co seeks expert help for strategic review

NBN Co seeks expert help for strategic review

Summary: A select number of consultants have been asked by NBN Co to help out with its strategic review.


Despite being in the midst of conducting a 60-day review of itself, NBN Co has reached out to a number of consultancy services to help support the review process.

None of the consultancy organisations were named, but the results of the tender process will be known "in the coming week", the company said in a statement.

The review is due to report back to Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Finance Minister Mathias Cormann in early December, and will look at the fiscal and operational performance of NBN Co, as well as examining alternative models for the rollout of the National Broadband Network.

"The Strategic Review is a comprehensive exercise led by NBN Co to determine how best to provide access to very fast broadband to all Australians as soon, as cost-effectively, and as affordably as possible. While the review is under way, construction of the network continues," said Ziggy Switkowski, NBN Co's executive chair.

As well as the strategic review being led by NBN Co's board, a cost-benefit analysis will be conducted by an as yet unnamed "review panel".

That panel will have six months to report back to the government the value of increased broadband speeds, and how much this should be supported by government; the ownership situation for NBN Co; and the pricing, capital investment, competition, and product environment for the NBN.

Last month, Malcolm Turnbull instructed NBN Co to continue rolling out fibre to the premises in existing construction locations until the 60-day review is completed.

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  • Consultancy Services

    Would be great if you could find out the names of the consultancy services so that they can be lobbied.
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    Forget about fast, its more likely to be about how to provide limited access to a 'Very stuffed up broadband disaster for all Australians'
  • The plot thickens


    Ziggy is doing his job well
    Abel Adamski
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    for some perspective


    The Question we must ask is WHY
    Why is Turmbull and the LNP betraying the Nations future and future economy?
    Abel Adamski