NBN Co shortlists fibre network builders

NBN Co shortlists fibre network builders

Summary: The company charged with building Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN), NBN Co, has shortlisted 21 companies to bid for the fibre construction component of the project.


The company charged with building Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN), NBN Co, has shortlisted 21 companies to bid for the fibre construction component of the project.

Over 90 per cent of Australian premises will be connected with fibre, while the remaining will get access to wireless services.

The company said 45 companies had responded to its request for capability statement for the design and construction of the fibre access network.

Some of the 21 companies invited to bid in the formal request for proposals process include Telstra, Western Power, Ergon Energy, SP AusNet, John Holland and Visionstream Australia.

In a statement today, NBN Co head of construction, Patrick Flannigan, encouraged the 24 companies who lost out to team up with the 21 shortlisted companies.

"This is a great opportunity for all players in the market. The lead contractors will need all the resources and skills available to them to realise this project," he said.

NBN Co said it expected the design and construction request for the proposals process to be complete "towards the end of the year".

    The full shortlist is:

  • Baulderstone Pty Ltd
  • Bovis Lend Lease
  • Communications & Fibre
  • Connect X (AbiGroup/UGL Joint Venture)
  • Downer EDI
  • Ergon Energy
  • ETSA Utilities
  • Jemena Asset Management
  • John Holland / Bilfinger Berger Services
  • Laing O'Rourke
  • McConnell Dowell
  • Monadelphous Inabensa Joint Venture
  • Powercor Network Services
  • Service Stream
  • Silcar
  • SP AusNet
  • Telstra
  • Tenix
  • Transfield Services
  • Visionstream Australia
  • Western Power

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  • And interesting development to match my dream.

    This is what I wrote on the TelstraExchange Forum on the 30 Apr 2010

    Vasso Massonic says:
    30 Apr 2010 at 3:43 pm

    I had a dream one night >>>>>>>

    “If I had the power I would knock Conroy for six, commission Telstra to deploy, on a cost plus basis, the FTTP network leasing Telstra assets and progressively migrating its, compensated, traffic to NBN Co wholesale.

    This would mean maintaining the regulatory status quo during the progressive change over.

    And voila, we have a top notch NBN, Teslra joins the ranks of retailers (only) no need to split anyone. Share the cost of the U.S.O. with the Feds and other substantial retailers.

    Is this a win,win,win,win for all concerned, or what? ”

    Sadly, was woken up by a nightmare:


    Moral: Sleep an learn, about about the addiction to: spend spend spend spend spend zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Vasso Massonic
  • As predicted, here they come, lol…

    Firstly yes, you did say that Vasso, I will acknowledge and some of what you said has (or may well) actually come to fruition!

    So... while I am acknowledging, how about you do likewise and acknowledge that this is probably 1 of only 2 or 3 comments (out of 100’s and 100's) where you actually said anything even remotely positive about the NBN.

    But you only said it after badgering from a couple of us (Paul G, was another) at Telstra Exchange (TE) who advocated this type of deal "all along". We were trying to explain to you our opinions of the Telstra plusses by agreeing/pitfalls by not agreeing, to an NBN deal, inbetween your inferences of us being nothing but Telstra bashers and ignoramuses!

    Along with your TLS twin, you have bagged the NBN since Telstra were too stupid to submit a compliant bid and then bagged it even more, following the FTTP announcement.

    You have peppered Senators with mails, primarily asking them to veto the NBN and so much so, you even apologized to Sen. Ludlam “for being a nuisance”. TE - 30/3.

    For example here's just a few of your “other dreams”, over only a fortnight, at TE.

    8/4 … “no one in his right mind would support such a costly hare brained scheme”...

    8/4 – “The assembled team seem to lack the experience and, more importantly, any track record. Interesting to know what they have been doing all this time. Reading manuals”?

    10/4 – “Telstra, and it’s mother ships previously, have served the Australian people well for over a century and the high stakes in the current game of bluff is sickening, to say the least”.

    19/4 - "Currently, this whole affair is a grand circus, made more pathetic by the ACCC’s relentless pursuit of Telstra for breaches of the arcane T.P.A."

    23/4 …”like all perennial Telstra knockers, you should all take a peep at what’s in store with the alternative. The supposedly innovative hi-tech FTTH is a real worry if one pays any credence to the uttering of an adviser to NBN Co"… (cont)…."Sounds like Disneyland stuff to me…”{END}

    But now that the deal we were advocating and you were fighting tooth and nail, seems like it will being a goer, you beat your chest and point to your one (and perhaps only) single NBN positive comment, as some prophetic dream? Pleeeeeeease!

    Yes you are dreaming!