NBN Co tests Terabit super-channel in Queensland

NBN Co tests Terabit super-channel in Queensland

Summary: NBN Co and Coriant have tested a Terabit super-channel on the company's transit network in South-East Queensland.


NBN Co and network transport company Coriant have successfully trialed a 1Tbps super-channel over NBN Co's transit network in South-East Queensland.

The field trial was conducted over the company's 1,066km fibre ring in the state on a 369GHz grid using Coriant's FlexiGrid technology.

Coriant said that the trial showed a 35 percent improvement in spectral efficiency, and could provide a maximum theoretical tranmission capacity of 13Tbps over a distance of greater than 1,000km.

NBN Co's chief technology officer Gary McLaren said that the trial showed NBN Co's potential upgrade path for its transit network.

"It highlights how established backbone infrastructure can be upgraded with sophisticated optical and electronic equipment to provide extra capacity for the future needs of the National Broadband Network," he said in a statement.

"This proof point highlights that the existing transit network is robust and capable, as we rollout a mixture of Fibre-to-the-node technologies (FTTx) being designed to provide access to voice and broadband services faster, cheaper and more efficiently to Australian homes and businesses no matter their location across the country.

"As high-bandwidth applications and the growth of internet usage drive increased demand for network capacity, the ease of upgrading to higher transmission rates in our Transit Network will enable us to continue to deliver a reliable and high-quality broadband experience for our customers."

NBN Co executives are this morning appearing before the Senate Select Committee examining the rollout of the NBN. 

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  • So What's New?

    We've known all along that the speeds available over the fibre component were easily upgradable.

    Pity the same can't be said for the complex mix of obstructive FTTx components Turnbull now insists be inserted to maintain those antiquated private networks on expensive life support for a few more years just to keep Uncle Rupert on side.
  • Why are we trilling this stuff?

    Mr Turnbull KNOWS the potential of fibre as opposed to his fraudband. Why are we wasting money testing fibre nobody will actually get to use???
  • But Murdoch would lose some of his power!

    We cannot be allowed to have gigabit broadband, or the Murdochracy might lose control over so many minds. It would become so much harder for a government that believes in "getting out of the way" to support crazy copyright laws. It would be so much easier for Australians to see what happens in the real world - once they get past the "reality" TV and tabloid newspapers, and use the Internet as it should be.

    Then of course there are all the economic benefits - but again, they wouldn't accrue to Rupert.