NBN Co visits Prysmian fibre factory: pics

NBN Co visits Prysmian fibre factory: pics

Summary: Prysmian Telecom Cables and Systems was awarded a contract of up to $300 million this week to supply fibre-optic cables for the National Broadband Network (NBN). NBN Co head Mike Quigley visited the company's Dee Why factory after the announcement.

TOPICS: NBN, Broadband, Legal

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  • (Credit: Prysmian)

    Sandy Mennie, general manager for Engineering, Product Development and Quality, shows Quigley around the plant. The five-year contract gives around 125 existing staff job certainty and will create up to 50 new jobs over five years.

  • (Credit: Prysmian)

    Quigley addresses the factory workers.

  • (Credit: Prysmian)

    "This contract not only ensures the future stability and growth of Prysmian, but also that of our suppliers and distributors who are located around the country," incoming Prysmian CEO Llyr Roberts said in a statement.

    "We expect the flow on employment effect could be as high as 2:1, with extra jobs being created in transport and logistics, training and administration."

Topics: NBN, Broadband, Legal

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  • Nice photos. It always warms my heart to see photos like this that showcase the progress of the NBN and advanced technology in general. To the anti-NBN crowd however these pictures must be devastating surely they must be realising by now that the wave of the future is coming and there is nothing they can do to stop it... oh look there is pic of Tony Abbott for another story on the side and he is still smiling, good for him.
    Hubert Cumberdale
  • Doesn't take much to warm your heart. I'd like to point you in the direction of pictures that are far more devastating to the "anti-NBN crowd" that you sneeringly keep referring to. But I guess the Flood Crisis and all the heartache and suffering attached to it, would still not be enough for you to comprehend. (Sad really)
  • You seem to be following Abbotts example quite well wafford, that's the way, carry on soldier... so how does it feel knowing you cannot stop the NBN now? Must feel like acid in your mouth. Sorry.
    Hubert Cumberdale
  • Wow, it would appear that you are now trying to emulate your hero's style of reply. Even after you find that..."random commas all over the place makes posts difficult to follow". If you stop throwing the same kind of c..p that he does, (your hero) you won't get similar responses. You started your anti-Abbott nonsense, with your stupid "Zoo Crew" comment, and then turned it into an anti-NBN thing. Get a life mate !
  • Awww did I hurt your precious feelings? hey you know what Abbott is a politician and a big boy he doesn't need mummy to wipe his tears away I'm pretty sure he can take it given his ridiculous comments this week. You on the other hand are a different story, it's clear from your latest tirade which btw is an almost unintelligible reply that you are quite disturbed.
    Hubert Cumberdale
  • What a goose !
  • I agree, finally you've said something right. Now if Abbott is a goose what does that make Turnbull? I'll give you a hint rhymes with punk.
    Hubert Cumberdale
  • The goose is you, you RS clone !
  • Oh Mike NE - WIN you never learn do you?
  • And you reckon you are not Hubert Cumberdale.......Yeah right !
  • Your powers of deduction are so evolved... NOT, for a Hylobatidae, Mike...!
  • that stuff - the fibre - is really toxic to make. (Its not made here, this guy is doing a task to add color lines to it). In fibre - the imported product may be stated to be a form of 'glass' but thats after a lot of processing and chemicals have gone into its manufacture. If you want to know how fibre is made and how toxic in the chemicals and energy used, there are plenty of articles in industry journals (or wikipedia as usual NBN design source).
    You want see any photo's of the NBN visiting the offshore plants or materials providers because it would be 'game up' in how toxic these materials are in manufacture.
    Apart from fibre being fragile, easily damaged, extremely easy to hack or capture data from, high cost to repair and maintain, - it is also the worst in total environmental impact once the full cost of manufacture, associated implementation and support, devices, and the infrastructure required to operate it is taken into account. That simply relates to the high energy and complex infrastructure required on a large scale fibre network.
    The intended fibre across Australia will run into tens of millions of tonnes of emissions, energy, chemicals, processing and implementation as well as tear down/replace more environmental stable and lower impact assets. Personal eco cost per citizen = around 3 tonnes or so of impact/embedded/waste just for the fibre and flat cable runs alone.
    The whole NBN looks quite toxic from an environmental point of view.
    The relays, connections, cabinets, joins, NTU's, switches, hosting and associated network mgt. Those switches are the plutonium of embedded and operational energy. One high rated switches pumps out more emissions on a yearly basis than an plane. NBN switches & hosting will literally a Chernobyl of impacts and emissions to Australia.
    Then add the tens of millions of toxic batteries and NTU's sucking away at your power bill.
    Then the millions of high embedded energy chips, devices and other processes all using large amounts of toxic and usage energy - all to do what ? - something an existing network or transmission does (ie like phone calls or free to air) with a fraction of the impact and implementation costs already absorbed.
    That adds up to be around 11-15 tonnes of emissions per Australian per year - in addition to what we have today, far in excess of 1.2 tonnes or emmissions current stats indicate. So literally a 10 x fold increase in eco, embedded and operational/emission impacts.
    We are not getting 10 times a benefit or ROC or productivity. Quite the reverse.
    So dont 'feel good' that the NBN is somhow green and eco.
    Its is not, its literally a criminal environmental act.
    Which raises some obvious questions about the NBN.
    In a 43b strategic grand national building plan, never once has the environmental and usage impact/emissions of the NBN every been examined.
    For example :
    Q. Why doesnt the NBN have a full 360% environmental plan for the public interest ?
    Q. Where is the NBN Board on this matter ? Their role is to act to the public interest.
    Q. Are we now to pay a carbon tax for the NBN so it can pollute our envionment ?
    Q. What is the projected impact of the NBN in associated (non NBN) electricity, materials and infrastructure impact ? This is the 'other half' of the expected 50b or so business and community outlays expected over time as the NBN forces equipment and usage changes.
    Q. Why are the greens supporting what appears to be a very toxic, dangerous, expensive, high risk and very poorly rated NBN, that has no environmental impact statement or plan ?
    NBN will be high environmental impact
    • @NBN will be...

      Tell us about copper now?

  • RS - you dont have to colour code copper, the new wire shiny, the old one green !
    I agree the NBN should have a environmental impact plan.
    In Europe where they do such things properly, it turned out ITC and high end network providers are very large users of high environmental impact materials.
    Network operaters are very high energy polluters for sure.
    The NBN should provide a plan to outine it is acting to the use the best choice of material and design to meet environmental obligations.
    • Lars don't get all emotional now, I didn't say it shouldn't...

      But, as my facetiousness clearly went over your head... mine was simply a comment aimed towards yet another (or probably one of the usual suspect naysayers) who everyday find a new angle to bag the NBN, as each of their previous days BS is categorically proven as FUD.

      I'm sure Sen. Ludlam, has already been, or will be, pushing for any environmental safeguards.
  • man u are bunch of losers!