NBN connections lag Rudd promise?

NBN connections lag Rudd promise?

Summary: The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy has refused to say how many homes, if any, have been connected up to Tasmania's National Broadband Network (NBN), something which according to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd should have already happened.

TOPICS: NBN, Broadband

The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy has refused to say how many homes, if any, have been connected up to Tasmania's National Broadband Network (NBN), something which according to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd should have already happened.

Kevin Rudd

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd
(Credit: Commonwealth Government)

In July last year, Rudd said the first homes would be connected "come the end of the year". He added that it was to turn the services on "come July" of this year.

ZDNet.com.au asked the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy whether any homes had been connected. A spokesperson dodged the question, saying "as the Prime Minister said last year, the government is planning to turn on services from July this year and we are on track to do that."

In further correspondence, when asked if any home had been connected regardless of whether it was able to access the internet, the spokesperson said: "Unfortunately the Department is not able to provide further comment on this at this stage". The spokesperson did, however, say that the roll-out was "progressing well" with physical work "well under way".

"Trenching and laying of conduit for the seven-kilometre fibre optic transmission link between Cambridge to Midway Point has been completed," the spokesperson said. Backhaul fibre installation to Smithton and Scottsdale was also underway and due for completion by "end of April 2010", the spokesperson said.

A spokesperson for NBN Tasmania, the company charged with building the NBN, also refused to comment on how many homes had been connected. The spokesperson echoed the department's comments that NBN Tasmania remained "on track" to have homes in stage one ready to begin accessing broadband services from "the middle of this year".

Topics: NBN, Broadband

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  • Department of No Information

    Should be called the Department of No Information..

    I thought krudd said his government was going to be open and accountable....

    I guess that was a non-core promise..
  • just released...

    According to documents just released today by the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, there are now 312 premises has now been connected to tbe NBN in Tasmania. Go you good thing.
  • Pfft!

    The whole NBN has been a complete tits over feet fiasco.

    With the Filtering that is about as useful as a condom with sweat holes the NBN will be just as worthless.
  • Rudd's NBN Lag

    HA! Rudd the biggest joke in world politics....till Obama showed up! Both are believers in "feel good" politics. Sad thing for us in Aus is that Rudd is a bureaucrat NOT a politician!!! That's why he speaks in such a repeated,never gives an answer that is remotely relevant to the question! Master of deception! Has yet to actually do any of his promises..........except spend all the countries money!!!!!
  • Goobal warming, work 'till you drop and "white elephant.

    Tony gave Kevin a real serve at Question Time in the House today. He also hammered Kevin over the $43 billion "white elephant" uncosted NBN. Why are the cables going on the poles in Tassie when the fire department experts have criticized wired on poles?
  • Me? Answer the question?

    You're not wrong about Krudd not answering a question! And Julia Gillard isn't much better! Both just go round in circles!!! Quick - someone give me a barf bag! I'm gonna be sick!
  • Where?

    If you could point us to where that would be great.
  • It must be Tuesday...

    It 's obviously Tuesday today - Syd is calling the NBN a white elephant again.

    Tomorrow he will again turn around and say the government and Aussie icon [sic] Telstra will build the greatest network ever, together.

    Then Thursday - back white elephant...just like he has done over and over. Do you have a definite/non flip-flop position on anything apart from God Bless (my) Telstra (shares) Syd?

    The only peolple whinging are the typical whingers, Telstra shareholders and the coalition opposition.

    If the coalition were in power the only ones whinging would be Telstra shareholders and the labor opposition, lol...
  • Telstra Shareholders/Voters

    Hey you idiot!! KKrudd/Conjob need the big T!

    NB It's an elction year...heh...heh..

    We all know how they love votes!!!
  • Title

    Article title is a bad as newspaper headlines.
  • How so?

    How is the title of the story as bad as a newspaper headline?
  • Tangible benefit

    Can someone tell me a single tangible benefit of the NBN? I’d also like to know how it will speed up downloading anything hosted in America?

    Let’s face it most content comes from the US, and this isn’t fixing the pipe we have to the rest of the world, only making it faster to access www.krudd-propoganda.com.au
  • @Telstra/shareholders voters

    Hey you idiot? Lol.

    Please continue with the childish name calling, as it clearly demonstrates... intelligent commenting with intelligent fellow posters is W A Y beyond you.

    Regardless, the not so big/cut down to size T, need KKrudd/Conjob (as you also most adultly refer to them) more than Rudd/Conroy, need the trembling T.

    You voted for Kev, because your shares told you to. So any problems you now perceive; are you and your shares fault, lol! But now your shares have changed their mind and are telling you to vote for Tony!

    However, it doesn't matter who's in power... while ever Telstra tries pulling the 800lb gorilla act (made so infamous by the amigos) - due to them unfairly having the upper hand by receiving the gifted PSTN - both sides of politics will drill the shrinking T. Especially now that one side has had the balls to put the gorilla in its cage, where it belongs!

    So, will Telstra ever learn? Yes, I think so, if David Thodey's approach so far, is a gauge.

    B U T...will you and your mates/those few gullible and uneducated Telstra mouths, ever learn and more importantly, "ever grow up"? NO, definitely not, if you are any gauge!

    It's being touted that Telstra and the government may have an NBN agreement announcement to make by the end of Feb. So if you haven't already averaged out your crazily overpriced (lol) TLS shares you bought, by buying more, at a much cheaper price.. maybe now is the time to do so?