NBN is ridiculous: Murdoch

NBN is ridiculous: Murdoch

Summary: Former Australian media tycoon Rupert Murdoch said over the weekend that mobile technology has made the need for an NBN redundant.

TOPICS: NBN, Government AU

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch thinks an Australian national broadband network will be a great thing for his pay TV provider.

But Murdoch said the previous Labor government plan to build a nationwide, high-speed broadband network was ridiculous.

"People think I'm talking from my pocket and Foxtel," he told Sky News on Sunday. "In fact, NBN would be great for Foxtel because it would take all those programs into every home."

But he is worried mobile technology has overtaken the need for the NBN.

The News Corporation boss gave a lengthy interview on Foxtel channel Sky News to mark the 50th anniversary of his company's national newspaper, The Australian.

He defended the paper's strong stance against the Rudd and Gillard governments, saying it was absolutely right.

The powerful media figure said it was still too early to pass judgment on the Abbott government.

He has met Prime Minister Tony Abbott three or four times and described him as an admirable, honest and principled man.

"However, how much does he understand the free market and what should be happening?" Murdoch said.

The wide-ranging interview also covered Australia's place in Asia, economic development, and Murdoch's sceptical approach to climate change.

"We can be the low energy country of the world ... but we shouldn't be building windmills and all that rubbish," he said.

Topics: NBN, Government AU

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  • "He has met Prime Minister Tony Abbott three or four times ..."

    "He has met Prime Minister Tony Abbott three or four times and described him as an admirable, honest and principled man."

    When someone refers to Abbott as being "honest" they immediately lose any credibility that they had.

    In this case they had none to begin with, so that is not great loss.
  • Dementia addled old fool.

    Time to put this dementia addled old fool into a nursing home.
    Kevin Cobley
    • Rich /= Intelligent

      Compost heap would be more beneficial to the environment, as long as the methane could be drained off.
  • Old Fool

    He refers to wind turbines as windmills. The man is of a another generation, and wishes for another time when his mighty paper empire weilded utmost influence. The man needs to retire and hand over power. The fact that he still rules his empire at over 80 yrs of age is testament to a power crazed old fool. Any normal person would have stepped down years ago.
  • Fixed network

    We need to think further than just our own paradigm - I have consulted in countries where there is little to no fixed network. There are always new reasons popping up to go with a fixed network, least of which is charging by Wireless operators. I still remember one very large wireless only site we surveyed where the people were coming outside to talk to us - they were desperate to move way from wireless - interestingly enough - their kids were battling to do homework, or afford the connection fees for wireless.

    Agree though that the fixed network model needs to change - this approach by both Australian Governments (who would have thought Libs would ape Labour?) is out of the Ark and severely stifling business plan and technology innovation. There are just so many better ways of doing it starting with the removal of current stifling regulations and government money propping up this old paradigm.
  • Honestly..

    Of course the head of the company that tapped the phone of a dead girl thinks Abbott is 'honest and principled'. Birds of a feather..
  • Absolute Rubbish

    Not so much an 'Old Fool,' rather a dishonest, sly, greedy & devious old fox.
    He knows damn well that his $100+/month Foxtel 'services' were doomed if he hadn't bribed Abbott to cripple the FTTH network in order to discourage superior & far cheaper overseas competitors from entering our market.
    Now he gets a free upgrade & extension of his HFC network at our expense.
  • No wonder they don't do well with on-line subs

    Hes clueless about anything developed after 1980....