NBN petitioners deliver signatures to MPs' premises

NBN petitioners deliver signatures to MPs' premises

Summary: National Broadband Network campaigners are delivering a petition with 270,000 online signatures to MPs across the country as they fight for a fibre-to-the-premises plan.


An online petition is being presented to 145 federal parliamentarians and to NBN Co headquarters in Sydney today.

The petitioners want the Abbott government to invest in the fibre-to-the-premises (FttP) model over the cheaper, but much slower fibre-to-the-node option the coalition campaigned on at the election.

NBN Defender spokesman Alex Stewart said the group wanted to underscore widespread community support for a to-the-home broadband plan.

"We want [Communications Minister] Malcolm Turnbull to know he cannot ignore the voices of so many Australians, so we are taking our message to his parliamentary colleagues across the country and asking them to put pressure on him," he said in a statement.

"This is the most critical infrastructure project facing Australia right now and the public wants to see an increase in the amount of fibre-to-the-premises being rolled out.

"There is no economic case for fibre to the node."

Turnbull has previously responded to the group's online petition by saying he won't walk away from one of the coalition's "most well debated, well understood and prominent policies".

The Queensland student who started the petition, Nick Paine, says the fact the petition has taken off shows there's "a real depth of feeling about this issue in the community".

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  • No exageration required

    "he cannot ignore the voices of so many Australians" ... Apparently 'so many' Australians is about 270,000. Which I suspect is mostly made up of tech nerds doing double, triple, and more petition registrations.

    All I'll say is good luck to them.

      I dunno ... to register for the petition you need a valid email address. "Most" tech heads I know only use one email address (apart from their work one) and being a nerd and tech head myself, I NEVER use my work email address to sign up for anything.

      So in the end that's a good one percent of the population. Australians as a general rule aren't an unruly bunch. We're very easy going, so if you get 1 percent of the population behind something, then there is probably cause to sit up and take notice.

      If you actually cared about Australia's future going forward, I don't think your comments would be so negative and dismissive.
    • False

      The people who signed this are not just 'Tech nerds', they are people who are passionate about the future of our economy and actually know what they are talking about (unlike Turnbull)!
    • NO Exaggeration Required

      So called Spartan-Runner. I wonder who is hiding behind this nick name ;-) How old are you? Mate, don't try to diminish effort of 270.000 Australians. I'm not tech nerd and I haven't double nor tripled my entry. I'm a business owner struggling with iinet's ADSL 2+ for which I'm paying $100 p/m. I'm not able to talk though Skype with my mother. I'm not able to upload larger file to my head office from my home computer. All media internet content size continue to be larger, requiring faster connection, wider bandwidth. What do I do then? Sell my family home in Narre Warren? (We are already thinking about this and the only reason is slow internet connection) Go back to your Sparta, cave man and please don't raise your voice about technology. Let us know something about your life in your spartan cave.
      Mario Kendra