NBN 'too expensive' for regional TV networks

NBN 'too expensive' for regional TV networks

Summary: The chairman of Seven West Media, Kerry Stokes, has told a joint Senate committee that its regional Queensland network cannot afford to use the NBN.

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The national broadband network (NBN) will hurt regional broadcasters, and TV stations should get free access to the network, Seven West Media chairman Kerry Stokes has said.

Seven's regional Queensland network will not be able to afford the NBN when it replaces existing infrastructure, Mr Stokes told a joint Senate committee hearing on proposed media reforms on Monday.

The regional TV business currently uses its own transmitters and cables to connect its various newsrooms, he said.

"Once we go to NBN, that's a whole different ball game," Mr Stokes told the committee.

"We have to actually pay NBN to use their facilities, and their facilities are much more expensive than our transmitters."

Arrangements are yet to be finalised on how television networks will use the NBN, and Mr Stokes said that his company wants free access.

"Our submissions to them is that free TV should be free on the NBN, just as it is on the airwaves," he said.

"That is still a matter that hasn't been resolved."

Topics: NBN, Government AU

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  • wah wah wah

    Perhaps Mr Stokes should detail the current costs to access the consumer via airways (which carry very heafty broadcast licencing costs) v's the cost via NBN?. Perhaps with details he might win over the public onto his side, or (more likely) perhaps he's doing it wrong!

    There are a number of IPTV players out there looking forward to the NBN, so why not traditional broadcasters? Why, because they are xenophobic, and change is harder then the status quo!

    Evolve or die.
    • Rent seekers, line up here

      Thank you Kerry Stokes, the prince of the "what's in it for us?" rent-seeking parade.

      "We can't innovate on our own, so feeeeeeed ussss!"
  • If they already use there own transmitters

    Whats to stop then using them into the future?
    Am I missing something? Or is he telling porky pies?
  • Who wants free to air TV anyway?

    I'm waiting for the NBN so I can buy the individual programmes I watch and am not forced by Stalinist media operators to buy stuff I don't want.
    Stokes, see yer later alligator!
    Kevin Cobley
  • Hmmm

    The TV networks can continue using their current microwave links, cables and transmitters. What is stopping them.?
    However it is bringing an interesting point to the fore.
    We are having to do the NBN because Howard reversed Keatings in process separation of Telstra/Telecom.
    The TV stations have had extremely cheap (subsidised by all other users) links as a result, using redundant telecom links (extra capacity provisioned for them).
    Plus Optus is now flogging off their fleet of 5 satellites which they also use
    Abel Adamski