NeatConnect hands-on: Cloud syncing via WiFi digitizes documents quickly

NeatConnect hands-on: Cloud syncing via WiFi digitizes documents quickly

Summary: We are moving towards a paperless society, but there are still receipts, business cards, and other documents that appear in paper. The NeatConnect helps you quickly digitize and manage these documents.

TOPICS: Mobility, Android, iOS, iPhone

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  • Setup your preferred cloud services

  • Scanning in a long receipt

  • Scanning a receipt with an iPhone

Topics: Mobility, Android, iOS, iPhone

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  • ScanSnap

    Matthew, we looked at NeatConnect and ScanSnap. After due diligence we went with ScanSnap, it proved to be much better. Ours is an older S1300, and on my Mac there is their scan to iPhone/iPad app as well. This genre of devices are becoming quite capable, they sure beat the flatbed scanners by a country mile.
  • Neat has zero support!

    I tried a Neat scanner but after it would no longer power up I tried to contact the company for support. Once I finally got through I kept getting passed around and left messages everywhere I could find on their web site. No one contacted me from the company to help me with the product. Don't be fooled by their commercials that say you can return the product for a refund if you aren't satisfied because you will be lucky to get anyone to talk to you on the phone. Total rip off! I have worked in I.T. for years and gone through many support calls and never run into a more uncaring/non-responsive tech company.