Netflix suffers another outage, but this one isn't as bad -- yet

Netflix suffers another outage, but this one isn't as bad -- yet

Summary: UPDATED: For the second time in a week, Netflix has experienced another bout of downtime -- but this one isn't as bad.


Netflix might want 2012 to just end already considering that the online rental giant reportedly faced another bout of downtime on Monday morning.

However, this time the outage supposedly only plagued the DVD website, which might come as a huge relief to anyone planning to curl up on the couch and stream a movie this evening on New Year's Eve.

To recall, the downtime was much worse just one week ago as the entire service went down for some users on Christmas Eve.

On that occasion, Netflix attributed the blame to Amazon Web Services, which later issued an apology to its customers.

AWS explained that the problem stemmed from its Elastic Load Balancing Service (ELB) in AWS's US-East Region datacenters, asserting that "while the service disruption only affected applications using the ELB service (and only a fraction of the ELB load balancers were affected), the impacted load balancers saw significant impact for a prolonged period of time."

Yet as for today's occurrence, it's not clear what role AWS plays in this outage -- if any at all.

Despite some tweets popping up from Netflix users having trouble with Watch Instantly streaming, Netflix reps told TechCrunch that "engineers are working to address this issue," while "streaming is not impacted.”

UPDATE: Netflix PR sent us the following statement:

Netflix streaming is working normally. DVD shipments are working normally. The Web site, for adding DVDs to a member's queue, is experiencing some technical issues and is not accessible at all times to all members. Our engineers are working to address this issue.

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  • Why 'isn't as bad'?

    I would argue that this outage is just as bad as the earlier one. I didn't even know about the first one except via news reports. This one has been affecting me all day and I haven't been able to find out the status of my DVDs.
  • Still partially down

    Right now, Search is down.

    "The Netflix site is temporarily unavailable. Our engineers are working hard to bring the site back up as quickly as possible."
    • Most of the site is down

      Not just Search, but most everything else is down!
      • netflix down

        working fine here on the left coasty 12/31 @ 23:10
        preferred user
        • Continues unabated

          Netflix is still terminal here near the opposite coast at 9:00AM same as it was yesterday at approximately the same time.
          • One more day...

            ...and the Netflix website is still in a terminal state. Hey, I wonder if I can get a job as a Netflix 'engineer'. I probably couldn't get the website back up any better than their present staff but that means I'm no less competent than they have proven themselves to be but I'd be willing to work for 10% less. Just an idea...
  • The Mayans

    Predicted this would happen at the end of their long-count calendar's 13th Baktun.

    Just kidding, of course.

    Happy 14th Baktun ;)
  • Bezos can close the Amazon Prime gap by making it better or by slowing

    NetFlix down. Nice one Jeff. Making this a weekly thing?
    Johnny Vegas
    • Paranoid

      a little too much?
      Sam Wagner
  • That's what you get

    That's what you get for relying on someone else for your infrastructure. They don't care as much about the redundancy etc.
    No wonder Netflix is going away.
    Susan Antony
  • Respnse Acceptable?

    This lame PR response is supposed to be acceptable? My ability to access, update, my disc queue has been unavailable for 2 days. Further I can report that discs which should have shipped yesterday did not. Fortunately for Netflix they accurately billed my account on the 30th. A whole lot more customer communication is required. Seems care and attention to change management is also required.
  • Don't Bother To Post On Facebook

    Your comment will be promptly deleted. Seems they have time to patrol and delete Facebook comments, but not enough to provide outage updates. New PR firm needed?
  • Paying customers suffer more

    I disagree with the headline
  • Found a way in

    I'm one of the ones who has been blocked from the Netflix DVD site for several days now but I just found a way in. Instead of going in through the front door ( I found that following the "queue" link on a Netflix shipping email took me straight in and from there I can go anywhere I want (or at least I've gotten to all of the places I've tried). Might be worth a try if you haven't erased all of the old emails and really want to see what is going on.