NetSuite integrator forms relationship with Box

NetSuite integrator forms relationship with Box

Summary: 360 Cloud Solutions envisions tighter integration between its NetSuite deployments and the Box cloud content sharing and collaboration platform.

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In my last entry, I wrote about how a number of cloud storage providers are moving to differentiate their services by forging tighter relationships with some of the key cloud service providers.

Lo and behold, NetSuite integration partner 360 Cloud Solutions, which hails from Scottsdale, Arizona, has just announced a formal relationship with, which has already positioned its cloud content sharing and collaboration platform as a logical complement to the NetSuite application portfolio.

Tom Lewis, president and CEO of 360 Cloud Solutions, explained the new partnership:

We have clients in every industry that are in need of an easy way to share and access critical content. Access to a powerful tool like will go a long way towards helping mid-sized companies sustainably manage their high-growth trajectories. 

360 Cloud Solutions has been around since 2007. Aside from NetSuite, it also works with cloud solutions from Adaptive Planning, EchoSign, and RackSpace.

Topics: Cloud, Channel

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  • Same Facilities Here

    Here I would like to recommend BizAutomation as a main competitor of Netsuite & Sales Force..
    Carl Zaldivar