Network and network troubleshooting apps for the iPhone and iPad

Network and network troubleshooting apps for the iPhone and iPad

Summary: Here is a list of my favorite iOS network and network troubleshooting apps. These apps allow me to scan networks, remotely administer systems, and even remotely administer servers.

TOPICS: iOS, Apple, iPhone, iPad

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  • (Image: VMware)

    VMware vSphere Client

    If you use VMware vSphere, then you need the VMware vSphere Client for iPad. This is a companion interface to the traditional vSphere client, and is optimized for viewing and managing your vSphere environment when you are away from a desktop system.

    The client allows you to monitor the performance of vSphere hosts and virtual machines, and virtual machines can be started, stopped, and suspended. vSphere hosts can also be rebooted or put into maintenance mode.

    Download from iTunes.

    Price: Free

  • (Image: Zinger-Soft)


    Want a fully-featured SSH and Telnet emulator for your iPhone or iPad? Look no further than iSSH.

    iSSH is, in effect, several clients in one, bringing together SSH/Telnet/"raw" connections, an X11 server, VNC tunneling, and RDP tunneling. iSSH supports multiple, simultaneous connections with more complete terminal compatibility.

    Download from iTunes.

    Price: $9.99

Topics: iOS, Apple, iPhone, iPad

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  • It's True What They Say About Apple Users...

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