Network and network troubleshooting apps for the iPhone and iPad

Network and network troubleshooting apps for the iPhone and iPad

Summary: Here is a list of my favorite iOS network and network troubleshooting apps. These apps allow me to scan networks, remotely administer systems, and even remotely administer servers.

TOPICS: iOS, Apple, iPhone, iPad

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  • (Image: Pavel Ahafonau)

    Deep Whois

    Yes, I know you can do a "whois" check through the browser, but an app makes it much easier.

    A very handy tool that costs you nothing.

    Download from iTunes.

    Price: Free

  • (Image: Apple)

    AirPort Utility

    Apple's AirPort Utility allows your to manage your wi-fi network and AirPort base stations, including AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, and Time Capsule directly from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

    While this tool seems basic, it's actually very powerful. It allows you to see a graphical overview of your wi-fi network and get information about your connected devices. You can also view and change network and wi-fi settings, restart or restore a base station, access network information such as IP address, DNS servers, and router addresses, and even manage DHCP reservations and configure base stations for IPv6.

    If you've invested in Apple hardware for your network, or you are responsible for Apple networks, this is a must-have app.

    Download from iTunes.

    Price: Free

  • (Image: VMware)

    VMware View Client

    Get access to your Windows virtual desktop from your iPad or iPhone 4 (or later) with VMware View Client for iOS. This easy to use app offers the best possible user experience over both LAN and WAN.

    A must for all VMware users.

    Download from iTunes.

    Price: Free

Topics: iOS, Apple, iPhone, iPad

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  • It's True What They Say About Apple Users...

    ...that they will pay money for software available for free on other platforms.
  • It's True What They Say About Apple Users...

    That is why there is much more good software available in the Apple store than in the others. People writing good software expect to be paid. They do have to eat and pay rent. People writing cheap shoddy software, do so as a hobby. You get what you pay for.