Networking crashes bothering some OS X Mountain Lion users

Networking crashes bothering some OS X Mountain Lion users

Summary: Several developers say that customers running the new Mountain Lion version of Mac OS X are reporting crashes when connecting to network resources. The culprit appears to be found in Auto Proxy settings.


In a recent blog post, Daniel Jalkut, founder of Red Sweater Software, told of mysterious crashes when connecting to a network. It was happening to users of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. He said that while rare, he was sure the bug was being experienced by thousands of Mountain Lion users.

The tell-tale sign of this crash is it occurs only as the app attempts to connect to some network resource, and the crashing thread always culminates in some stack trace involving CoreSchedulingSet or EmptyCoreSchedulingSet C++ objects.

In an update, Jalkut said that after conferring with the tech support crew at Agile Bits  (the makers of the excellent 1Password utility), the issue likely relates to the Auto Proxy Discovery and Automatic Proxy Configuration checkbox settings in Network control panel. If either of these options are checked, users "may crash any number of other apps that rely on Apple’s networking libraries," he said.

Jalkut posted instructions here.

Likely, we will see a fix from Apple shortly for a bug like this.

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  • Networking crashes bothering some OS X Mountain Lion users

    Kudos to the developers that found the bug and for a work around.
    • Kudos

      Yeah, Kudos to them as I laugh at Apple for not catching this. At least someone knows how to introduce a fix or workaround in a timely manner.

      Ignore this upgrade and spend the extra $ for Windows 8. ;)
  • I've heard reports of people begging to downgrade to Lion

    They can't. Apple won't let them.
    • I'm not surprised...

      Someone gave me a MBP (mid 2009-10) to be restored so he could sell it. At the time, it had 10.7 (I think). His original install disk was 10.5/6. When I'd try to boot from the install DVD to re-install OSX, it'd hang.

      After talking with someone at Apple, apparently the system wont let you format/reinstall if the version that's installed on the HD is a higher version than what's on the DVD.
      • And you do know there's a work around?

        It's an old trick used when the Windows registry goes south. Nuke it from another computer, and install the OS on a clean drive. You knew that right?

        OWC sells this cool device that let's you connect any drive to a computer. The only thing is you must remove that drive.

        Here's a link to the drive adapter.
        Troll Hunter J
    • What's the worry?

      Why should you care about Mac / OS X users? I'm a very tolerant guy, but I found your posts so useless and annoying. You should really get a life!
      • We're all here posting,

        so one could say we don't have lives...

        we'd make great sources of cheap labor somewhere, too... who said our lives are valuable?
    • Can you back up your

      "Fantastic claim", or are you still talking out your posterior? You might need to seek help, for your "anger issue". Such blind hatred, is not healthy.
      Troll Hunter J
      • Anyone could ask the same of you about your post

        How do you know the author's post is blind hatred? (Unless you were responding to someone else's post, in which case it's better to reply to them than to the article...)

        Are you really a hunter, or just an example of irony?
        • Oops, you did respond to another person

          Sorry about that.

          After x responses, the layout becomes more difficult to sift through visually...

          Still, now finding Toddy's post, and while he is not mandated to cite sources, I will admit that heading over to Apple's support forums, macrumors, and other forums and blogs might reveal the truth that he is alluding to...)
  • It needed more beta testing

    As with myself who tested Mountain Lion. Some of us thought it needed more time to work out a few more bugs. But I think its going better then Lion. Biggest issue I have heard or read about has been the pathetic download speeds trying to download ML.
  • Apple claims it keeps a tight control on hardware, for "it just works"

    Or, rather, that's what customers say.

    OS X is FreeBSD with parts of NeXT thrown in. There's nothing terribly special going on.

    There is no reason for such a careful company with a long-term vision for computer releases to be dealing with this. Unlike Windows there are very few hardware options, all of which are integrated.

    Only the Mac Pro is an exception, albeit a slight one, and most Apple fans will go "Huh? What's that?" these days.

    Add this to other reported problems:

    * excessive amounts of (poor quality) thermal grease slopped onto the CPU, causing the potential for long-term problems thanks to overheating (ifixit, my2011macbookpro)

    * basic poor design (product-reviews, citing the 2010 macbook pros "seriously overheating")

    * iMac yellowing screens due to excessive temperatures over time

    * iphone 4 with a defect known to the CEO being released to market, with said CEO later blaming the customer "you're holding it wrong" (WIRED, others). The CEO never really apologized, but why should he? He's multinational, not a SMB who relies more on having to act civilized and ethical from the get-go...

    * iphone 5 chipping...

    * iphone 5 easily scratching

    I could go on and on, and most of these issues happen at design level, or Apple chooses to let their subcontractors that muck up do the work... I suppose premature product failure only prompts quicker repurchasing...
  • no resolutions...

    mine already unchecked for those two proxies checkboxes, but my finder still crashes during every network folder connection...
    Nas S