New 7th generation iPod nano is thinnest iPod ever

New 7th generation iPod nano is thinnest iPod ever

Summary: It seems that Apple likes to have fun modifying the iPod nano and changes the form factor, colors, and features of this line more than we see on the iPod touch or iPhone.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple

Apple revealed the iPhone 5, iPod touch, and iPod nano today and I find it interesting that the iPod nano has seen so many radical design changes since its first release back in 2005. Today's iPod nano is the 7th generation and looks to be the best one yet (aren't they all the best one yet?). Let's take a quick walk down iPod nano memory lane.

iPod nano 1st generation


The first iPod nano took the iPod mini and shrunk it down while including a color display. It used the Click Wheel and flash memory with 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB models. It came in black and white with the headphone jack on the bottom next to the dock connector.

iPod nano 2nd generation


The 2nd generation iPod nano added a splash of color with silver, black, pink, green, blue and RED models. The form factor was similar to the first generation with the Click Wheel still in place.

iPod nano 3rd generation


The 3rd generaton nano was a radical departure in form factor and came in a short, wide form factor. The width was appreciated by owners because this was the first nano to support video playback. My youngest daughter still owns this model that launched in 2007 in five colors and two capacities (4GB and 8GB).

iPod nano 4th generation


The 4th generation nano went back to the longer, narrower form factor with a unique curved surface. It came in two capacities (8GB and 16GB) and nine different colors. We also found an accelerometer in the nano that had a Shake feature.

iPod nano 5th generation


I currently own an orange iPod nano 5th generation that had the same curved design of the 4th generation. It was made of aluminum and also was the first to include a camera adn microphone for video recording capability. It took lame still photos, but videos were quite good. There were two capacities (8GB and 16GB) and nine vibrant colors of this model.

iPod nano 6th generation


The 6th generation nano seemed to be more like a touchscreen shuffle than a nano as it went back to a very small form factor dominated by the touchscreen interface. There were six colors in two capacities (8GB and 16GB) and the camera from the 5th generation was removed.

iPod nano 7th generation


The new iPod nano again comes in a variety of seven colors, more pastel than the 5th and 6th generation and more like the 3rd and 4th generation. It is the thinnest iPod ever made and has a rather large 2.5 inch mult-touch display. It comes with Bluetooth so you can enjoy music and audio wirelessly. Nike+ is integrated so you can use it to workout, but unfortunately there is still no GPS receiver or camera included. The 16GB nano is priced at $149.

Topics: Mobility, Apple

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  • Sue Them!

    I think Apple copied the Lumia 900 design, and Nokia should sue them. OK, I'm kidding, but they do have some similarities.
  • You're right!

    LOL, That does look strikingly similar to the lumia series! I would honestly say based off the last trade dress patent suit, Nokia might have a good shot here. Hopefully Apple doesn't try to sue Nokia about it, lol.
  • Garbage! 6th Generation is Better in almost every Way!

    What where they thinking! The size of this is so stupid! Videos? No No No. This should never of been directed at video anything! It was so close to perfect with the 6th generation. 1st it was SQUARE!!!! Din't have button on the interface. This is the iPOD touch mini. This is no iPod Nano. What about the much better watch idea? you gave that up for videos? This is nothing more than the poor mans ipod touch. Innovate! This is one step forward (bluetooh) & Two steps back. ( bigger) & (ugly/ in the way/ uninvited button)!!!!!!
    Tyler Allen
    • Yes, iPod touch mini makes more sense

      It's funny how much Apple changes the nano form factor. I actually like my 5th generation with decent video camera and haven't had a new one since then.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
    • Uninnovative Button!

      Uninnovative Button!
      Tyler Allen
    • I like the bigger size....

      makes it less likely to get lost or accidentally ending up in the washing machine. Actually the gen 5 seemed perfect.
    • Completely agree

      For me the 6th generation was nearly perfect. Small/compact form factor that was just big enough to still allow the touch screen to be very useful. Plus for me, the addition of the built-in clip was huge. Gen 6 nano was in my opinion the best iPod for anyone using it for the gym or any other similar type of activity.

      A little disappointed with this 7th gen iPod Nano...and what is up with the colors? I'm thining that I should go buy another 6th gen before they run out to have as a backup...
      • HAHAHA

        That is what I did! go buy one as a backup! Or wait a couple of months and get one on Ebay for $300! Not!

      That is exactly the way I feel. I love the 6th Gen Nano. Nice and small, clip on. I love it so much that when I heard Apple redesigned to the new 7th Gen garbage I ordered myself another 6th Gen one as a back up. Got a 16gb refurb for $109 still with Apple's one year warranty. So now I got me two Nano's which is better than one. lol

      Yea the video they added on this new 7th is retarded. If you want video buy an iPad or iPod Touch! No clip on the 7th? HAHAHA what a joke. Yea, slip it into your back pants pocket and crush it. Not with the 6th!!!!!
  • Nevermind

    I will keep my Zune HD. Three years and still ticking. The Zune still has more features.
  • The Most Damning Thing I Can Say Is ...

    ... Apple just isn’t worth copying any more.
  • rip off of the Zune HD

    come one its there look at the pics
    dresky - take out ya nerd sticks and lets nerd fap
  • Thinnest ever??

    I wish anybody anywhere could give me a good reason to care if these tiny little devices which hide in every nook and corner of my home need to be thinner. I say make them thicker, and require all be painted dayglo orange.