New Acer C7 Chromebook uses 16GB SSD instead of hard drive, priced at $199

New Acer C7 Chromebook uses 16GB SSD instead of hard drive, priced at $199

Summary: Best Buy is now selling the 11.6-inch C710-2833 laptop, which is the first Acer Chromebook to use solid-state storage.

TOPICS: Laptops, Google, Mobility

Acer has bucked the trend with Chromebooks by using traditional hard drives with its C7 lineup instead of pricier, but more mobile-friendly, solid-state storage. Even when the company recently bumped up the notebook's specs, it merely added a bigger hard drive rather than switch to SSD.

Fast-forward a few months and now Acer has finally yielded to the siren's call of solid-state drives. The new C710-2833 is the first C7 Chromebook to include an SSD instead of a hard drive. The laptop still has fairly minimal specs, per the Chromebook philosophy of not needing a lot of power to run Google's Chrome OS. That means the C710-2833 comes with a modest Intel Celeron 847 processor running at 1.1GHz, 2GB of RAM, and an 11.6-inch LED-backlit display with 1,366x768 resolution.

As for that SSD, you get a mere 16GB of flash storage, though, again, Chrome does not emphasize local storage of files. However, it's a dramatic switch from Acer increasing the C7's hard drive size to 320GB last year. That model — the C710-2605 — also had double the RAM of the C710-2833, but also cost $299. Best Buy is now selling the new SSD version for just $199, though you can also get a model with a 320GB hard drive but 2GB of RAM for the same price.

Would you rather have a Chromebook with a larger hard drive or a smaller SSD for the same price? Let us know your thoughts in the Talkback section below.

Topics: Laptops, Google, Mobility

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  • Neither

    It is a waste of money and space to buy a Chromebook.
    • Just curious

      Are you Owlllllnet's identical, and obviously equally stupid, twin?
    • Get out the salad dressing....

      You may be eating your words as the Chromebook concept continues to slowly grow into a formidable solution to many peoples needs. Amazon is selling them like hotcakes.
  • Whichever is faster

    I just got the one with the 320GB hard drive, even though I knew these other choices were available. I chose that one because after reading about a billion reviews, there seemed to be a consensus that, other than boot time, it runs a bit faster than the Samsung with the SSD. I'mvery happy with it so far. I'm sure I'd be pretty happy with the others, too, as the differences are likely to be minimal for my purposes. But then, I'm using mine almost entirely at home. If I was going to need to take it a lot of places, I probably wouldn't have gotten the Acer at all, and gone for the Samsung for the SSD and the longer battery life.
  • Chromebooks are great and $200 is a bargain!

    Anyone who buys an economy car is a fool! A pickup truck can do much more and a luxury car is so much nicer!

    That's basically the same argument Chromebook critics use. Sure, a full system can do so much more, but at a higher cost or with more weight. Maybe it's best to buy the hatchback and rent or borrow a truck a couple of times a year when necessary. Of course, if you're a construction worker or farmer it's probably worth it to just get the truck, but that's not the case with most people.
  • New Acer C7 Chromebook uses 16GB SSD instead of hard drive, priced at $199

    Not worth the money since its Google only on the device. Pay a little extra and get something that is not chromebook.
    • Loverock-Davidson...BEST thing to ever happen

      not like that stupit Windows Surface RT that is a total FAIL.........
      Over and Out
    • The bleedingly obvious question .....

      lost on LD:

      What if that is ALL the user/customer/client needs and it would simplify their computing environment immensely, as well as save money. He/she should still "Pay a little extra and get something that is not chromebook"?

      You are FIRED!!!!!!!!
    • Ubuntu

      You can always install Ubuntu along side Chrome OS.
  • Chromebooks are awesome

    I've had mine since November. I'm primarily a Windows developer and manager of an all Microsoft product. But comparing my development machines to the device I need for administrative and personal work is ridiculous.

    I don't fault my phone because it doesn't have a trackpad. I don't fault my Chromebook because I can't use it (conveniently) to make cell phone calls and it doesn't run SQL Server.

    I do fault all my Windows machines because they take forever to boot up, update and maintain!
    Dean Dvorak
  • Chromebooks are Fantastic

    I bought a Samsung Chromebook even though I have both a MBA and MBP retina.

    Originally I was curious and chose it just for the fun of trying it out, to see what it would be like to have limited functionality as compared to a full blown laptop.

    Wow! I was truly surprised how after just one week, it had already earned it's spot in my lineup of useful tech tools. My work is very resource intense so it will not replace my main MBPr, but it will see lots of use since it's going to replace my iPad.

    I tried the iPad along with a great accessory keyboard, but the lack of file system and small size just didn't cut it for me. Nothing beats the laptop form factor with a full size keyboard for my purposes.
    • Errrr...

      "laptop form factor" you say is 11.6". iPad is 10". 1.6" won't make a huge difference. Also way slower CPU and a crappier screen.
  • Chromephobia

    Cowboy hat guy, stuck 1 key net, loves rocks... how do you have time to express fear of a $200 computer in every article? That's dedication.
  • Yikes!

    Not surprised with Acer. They probably just bought out the stock of 16GB SSDs for next to nothing to shove them into these paperweights. Seriously, where did they find 16GB SSDs? You can't find them at a decent computer store.
    How fast will the 16GB fill up while at it? All it takes is a bunch of DivX movies [aside from that Linux needs to run].
    Now Acer can claim they have the fastest Chromebooks. :-)
  • Perfect for what is does

    These are perfect for people who do not do much but socialize and browse. I am a huge Google fan and for what this Chromebook is intended for, 16gb SSD is the smart choice.

    Its $200, even I can afford that.
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