New Apple TV '4,1' could arrive as soon as March

New Apple TV '4,1' could arrive as soon as March

Summary: References to a new Apple TV model have been discovered in developer build of iOS 7.1 signaling that new hardware could arrive sooner than expected.


If you've been waiting for a new Apple TV model to come out, you might be in luck. Mentions of a new "Apple TV 4,1" have been discovered in builds of iOS 7:

New Apple TV '4,1' could arrive as soon as March - Jason O'Grady

Developer Hamza Sood tells 9to5Mac that references to "Apple TV4,1" were found in builds of iOS 7 signaling that Apple could be testing new Apple TV hardware more broadly. 

The current Apple TV is referred to internally as "AppleTV3,2," the 1080P model, introduced in March 2012, is referred to as "AppleTV3,1" and "AppleTV2,1" is the model introduced in September 2010.

The new "4,1" moniker indicates that the new device will remain part of the Apple TV family. The whole number jump from "3,2" to "4,1" indicates that the new hardware will likely include significant changes over the current model, although they might only be internal as has been the case with the last few revisions. 

9to5Mac also notes that recent Apple TV software builds contain references to iOS 7's new Game Controller framework, but cautions that "it is unclear if those frameworks are just left over from the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch or if they indicate confirmation of Game Controllers being able to connect to the next-generation Apple TV product."

Rumors abound that Apple is considering taking the training wheels off its Apple TV "hobby" and putting serious development resources behind it. One possibility is that Apple TV could gain TV tuner hardware and DVR functionality that would allow programs to be stored on iCloud, although those are pretty ambitious goals.

Another possibility is that the next Apple TV will inherit the App Store and real gaming functionality from iOS. At a minimum a new puck will likely include speed-bumped specs and new content channels.

A new Apple TV product is widely expected this calendar year. 9to5Mac points out that Apple announced an Apple TV in March 2012 and that iOS 7.1 has also been rumored for March so a joint announcement is possible. 

What do you want out of Apple TV? Do you have one in your current tech lineup?

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  • Cheer Up

    Jason D. O'Grady - wipe the tears from your eye's. I am sure Apple will release a few more things this year, maybe.
    Sean Foley
    • This comment appears to have no relation

      to the content of the article, other than the word "Apple."
      • Look Closer

        He is looking at root key nodes to find something, anything new from Apple. Sounds like desperation (or despair) to me. Of course they are going to increment their products, sad that columnist are still trying to latch onto Apple hype. I would expect that from sites like Macworld.
        Sean Foley
        • Look closer still

          "Of course they are going to increment their products..."

          So Apples most recent product release was the new MacPro

          PC Pro said on 24th January

          "Verdict - Compact and quiet, despite a huge helping of horsepower, the Mac Pro's revolutionary design is set to turn the workstation market on its head" and gave it "PR Pro Recommended"

          IT Pro said On 29th January

          "If the Mac Pro was a sentient being, it would live by the mantra: Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat." and gave it their "IT PRO Innovation Award"

          Where is the desperation and incremental in that?

          But keep saying it and maybe you'll convince some fool.
          Henry 3 Dogg
    • I did not see a sense of crying in his article.

      You need to man up and grow up.
      Grayson Peddie
    • Wow, you really are a troll.

      I've seen your anti Apple blah multiple times. Then I read on a different article post that you're called out as a troll. I thought, whatever... but here you are again. T-Roll
  • Skip the Tuner

    Tuner/DVR capability is not something I'd want from AppleTV. I want 4k/UHD and full res 3D. There are a few shows I watch from my existing DVR and frankly, I only do them because they are not big faves. I do record the CBS Morning News everyday and if CBS would just start streaming the whole 2 hour show on an AppleTV app I could start doing that. (Podcast anyone? Only if 1080P.) The shows I really want to see I get from the iTunes store or HBO GO.
  • I want this or any other TV thingy

    to be firmware upgradeable for at least 5 years from its purchase date. I already own a WD Live, and a Boxee Box, both with broken promises, and honestly though I appreciate Apple products, this one still doesn't have enough features to justify my owning it. Like most tech article conclusions I have to agree were still at an infancy when it comes to "cable" cutting.
    • I've been a year and a half

      and Apple's brought a few new features out in that time, and new content apps. VEVO, Wall Street Journal, and iTunes festival are the only ones of those I used, though.
  • New Remote

    I like everything about my Apple TV. It does everything I need or want it to with one exception. I would love to get rid of that peewee little remote and have the ability to control it with my universal remote.
    • re: new remote

      You can. Go into the settings and create a custom remote. It will ask you to push the remote buttons as it goes through the various commands on screen. My big 80-button universal controls everything, including the AppleTV. I haven't seen that little apple remote in over a year.
  • AppleTV 4,1

    The first thing I want is more channels. Roku puts them to shame, even given the fact that few would watch some of the crap channels Roku offers.
    Second, a faster processor.
    Third, a better remote with navigation that is--not simpler--but more easily done accurately.
    Fourth, no rise in price.
    Fifth, something I haven't thought of that will knock my socks off.
    AppleTV is very good, but it needs to get ahead of some very still competition that is already out there....not to mention getting ahead of competition that will probably debut before the 3rd quarter of 2014 ends.
  • Apple tv keyboard control Apple tv box and computer together

    iPazzPort Air Mouse Bluetooth Mini Wireless Keyboard for Apple TV with Gyroscopic Mouse and Built In Sleeve for Apple TV Remote Control KP-810-16BAR. We call it "Apple TV Keyboard".