New cart can lockdown mass quantities of iPad

New cart can lockdown mass quantities of iPad

Summary: Enterprise and education IT staff are concerned with mobile security, mostly meaning safeguarding data and services, and managing authority. But what about securing the hardware, especially when there are dozens of iPads in a lab situation?

TOPICS: iPad, Apple, iPhone, Security

Following up on its lines of mass synchronization and charging stations for iPad and iPhones, PARAT Solutions is now offering a security enclosed cart that can hold up to 40 iPads. The Security Cart for iPad holds up to four of the company's docking stations (also called "docks"), each of which can charge and sync 10 iPads. The two-level cart incorporates a USB hub for synchronization and power; as well as a built-in power-strip and surge protector.

Parasync Security Cart for iPad

The company said the cart is available only in North America and customers should contact PARAT for a quote. The charging and synchronization docking station required for the cart costs about $998.

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PARAT previously released a lockable enclosure for a docking station, and offers similar boxes for iPods.

Topics: iPad, Apple, iPhone, Security

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  • Won't fit down an aeroplane's aisle...

    Is this really a story? There isn't really any design comp won here.

    My heading relates to the fact that QANTAS now offer free iPads on selected flights, replacing the headrest entertainment unit. If you were to design a cart, you would need to consider all possible uses, and design for as many as possible.
  • Work with Otterbox or Suvivor Cases?

    Does anyone know if the this cart and docks will work with iPads in Otterbox or Griffin Survivor protective cases?
  • Lacks Flexibility

    It looks like this cart only works with Parat's docking stations and these come with their own plastic ipad cases. There is no flexibility here.