New Chrome extension: The play is with Chrome OS

New Chrome extension: The play is with Chrome OS

Summary: Google released a tremendous extension for the Chrome browser that makes it easy to save any image to Google Drive. While useful for Chrome users, the real benefit is in making Chrome OS function more like a desktop OS.

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Save image to Drive

The new Save to Google Drive extension recently released for Chrome is very useful for those using that browser. It's been pointed out that the ability to save images to Google Drive could be a play by Google to go after Evernote. The Evernote cloud service is much more than a simple repository for captured images so I don't think it has anything to worry about from Google with the new extension. I think Google is actually aiming the extension at new Chromebook owners looking to make the Chrome OS more like a desktop OS.

Just right-click on the image and save it to the cloud.

Google is in the midst of a big push to bring the Chromebook to those looking for a cheap but full-featured laptop. With decent Chromebooks now available at a bargain basement price ($199 - $249), Google is obviously trying to push its Chrome OS into the mainstream.

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While Chromebooks are not for everyone, the ability to add any Chrome extension can make them meet a lot of consumers' needs. These extensions, coupled with tight Google Drive integration out of the box, can make the Chromebook appealing to a greater audience.

Chrome OS File Manager
Chrome OS file manager: merging local and cloud storage

Chrome OS has a decent file manager app that puts the user's Google Drive cloud storage right on the desktop. It facilitates moving files back and forth between local and cloud storage with extra software. Chromebook owners can attest to how useful it is to have complete access to the Google Drive on the desktop.

The new extension from Google makes it simple to capture any image directly to the Google Drive. Just right-click on the image and save it to the cloud. This adds a lot of utility to the Chromebook due to the integration with Google Drive mentioned earlier. 

There are other Chrome extensions that make this image saving very useful. The Aviary extension is a decent, free image editor that is especially useful on the Chromebook. It works with images stored on the Google Drive and handles a lot of image editing needs. 

Photo editing
Captured image edited in Aviary

The new Save to Google Drive extension takes on particular importance when Aviary is used. Just right-click any image to save it to the Google Drive and then edit it to your heart's delight in Aviary. The resultant image can then be saved back to the Google Drive or easily moved to local storage on the Chromebook.

This sounds like a trivial feature but it is extremely powerful in practice. It is really useful for those also using the Evernote extension in Chrome. That makes it easy to shoot that edited image straight to an Evernote notebook in the cloud. This extensibility makes Chrome OS and those shiny new Chromebooks incredibly useful. You could say Chrome OS is getting more desktop-like over time.

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Topics: Mobile OS, Google

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  • As Windows had humble beginnings before it's ascendancy to global dominance

    so to will Google's Chrome evolve from it's humble origins into the next global dominate OS. (Just as many users prefer a difference OS to conduct their work in, I prefer to work in OS X rather than Chrome)

    However, Ballmer's nightmare scenario regarding Chrome might become a reality in a few more years.

    The old adage of being able to do more does not relate to popularity - especially when price is factored into the equation.
    • Good points

      Price, speed, no maintenance, low power consumption, utility/mobility, and it's a no-fuss experience. Great for those who consume the web, the social web, and just want to interact online.
      • So what makes it different?

        "Price, speed, no maintenance, low power consumption, utility/mobility, and it's a no-fuss experience. "

        Those describe every mobile device on the market today.

        So what makes the chromebook different?
        • This is a popular question

          But the answer is simple:

          This is a laptop.
          Michael Alan Goff
        • Nothing

          You can put almost any OS on any computer and install chrome. You then can enjoy all of chrome's benefits and none of the shortcomings.
          • Except you don't get the Zero Maintenence or 7 sec boot part.

            Besides the fact that you can install Chrome browser on virtually any computing device is a feature, not a drawback. It makes Chromebooks the most mobile device around - so mobile that you don't even have to take your Chromebook everywhere with you. If you do leave it behind, you can simply use your work computer or a netcafe computer, point the browser to your Google Chrome account, and voila you have your Chromebook there including all your applications, settings and data.

            No other device - not even smartphones - allow that kind of hyper-mobility.
          • shortcomings for me...

            I just got a chrome notebook and found I cannot play my games because there is no java. That is a disappointment. I have a longstanding membership with Pogo with accumulated badges and millions of points, etc. Why can't there be some kind of comprimise for this kind of thing? It will let me play2 of the games and block the rest.