New features in OpenOffice 2.4

New features in OpenOffice 2.4

Summary: The latest version of the free office-productivity suite boasts several enhancements to make it more competitive with rivals, like Microsoft Office.

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  • Many users had been asking for the capability to reverse the direction of the axes within a graph — a feature now included in OpenOffice's chart function.

  • As it is has now become possible to display value and percentage value at the same time within a chart's data labels, it has also became necessary to allow those different values to be shown on separate lines within the label.

  • Although it is widely used, Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) is not a recognised ISO standard. Therefore, OpenOffice 2.4 has made it possible to export a document to the ISO-approved alternative, PDF/A. The benefit of this is primarily in archiving documents for future use, as there are several versions of PDF, as well as several options for it. 

    In PDF/A, also known as ISO 19005-1, fonts have to be embedded, and audio, video and JavaScript are not allowed.

Topics: Apps, Reviews, Software

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