New Google Glass on deck via hardware trade-ins

New Google Glass on deck via hardware trade-ins

Summary: Google adds referrals as well as a trade-in program for its Google Glass Explorer program. New hardware on tap soon.

TOPICS: Hardware, Google

Google said its Google Glass Explorer program, an effort to cultivate developers and garner feedback on its high-profile wearable computing effort, will now have a referral program as well as a one-time hardware trade-in.

In a blog post on Google+, the company said that it will allow its Glass Explorers to refer three friends to join the program. These referrals can buy Glass online and have them shipped.

google glass look

More importantly, existing Explorers will get a hardware trade-in program. Before 2013 runs out,

All Explorers will have a one-time option to swap out their existing Glass for a new one. This hardware update will allow your Glass to work with future lines of shades and prescription frames, and we’ll also include a mono earbud.

Explorers who bought a device before Oct. 28 are eligible.

The trade-in program indicates that Google will make new specs that will be able to have prescription lenses.

Google Glass has come a long way since the initial launch. A ZDNet pair sat dormant for a few months, but I checked out the updates over the weekend. A few observations:

  • The apps were more useful. 
  • Google Glass connects with your smartphone more easily. 
  • Navigation has improved.
  • But the devices still seem far removed from being a mass market effort.

As Google noted, Glass is a work in progress. The company does seem to be seeding an ecosystem, iterating and working toward a more polished effort.


Topics: Hardware, Google

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    I like how they pick a cute girl with a nice smile for the promotional photo.

    What a great combination this will be for sexual deviants. I can easily envision that someone will devise an "x-ray" mode that takes the live image and beams it to a computer. That computer, based on the size, height and body shape renders a nude to beam back.

    Being able to beam live virtualized porn right into your eyeball based on real people on the street will be groundbreaking and breathtaking.
    • Creepy!

      You obviously have no idea how creepy and pervy you are coming across just now to normal readers! Yuk!
      Sbob Pants
      • Porn

        Is one of the big tech drivers. I doubt his idea is anywhere close to happening, though. The tech just isn't there yet.

        What *I* would find more creepy is someone looking at me, using the glasses to search online images until they found my social media pages, then following me around while looking at pictures of me in a bikini. Most disturbing because, as a male, I don't remember taking any bikini pics...