New iiNet ads on the way?

New iiNet ads on the way?

Summary: Is iiNet preparing new ads in light of today's court decision?

TOPICS: Legal, Telcos
iiNet Guy

(Credit: iiNet)

Could iiNet's post-court victory ads look like this?

Topics: Legal, Telcos

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  • Unfortunately when the national NBN comes in it will no doubt include the compulsory "parental" (read "govt") content filter. AFACT will no doubt bring pressure on the Govt of the Day to filter out all BitTorrent traffic under our US - Aust "Free" Trade pact. Roger D.
  • Roger,
    Your comment makes a number of legal assumptions that haven't quite been ironed out yet. There are many battles to fight before we get to that point, i.e. iinet's landmark wins against AFACT.
    You can be assured that the industry will now use the outcomes of this case as precedent for future legal proceedings.
  • they'll have a hard time doing that RogerD, considering the underlying technology is perfectly legal, and is used by many companies to distribute software or game updates etc... to help take the bandwidth burdens off themselves and onto users.