New iMacs await VESA compatiblity

New iMacs await VESA compatiblity

Summary: Apple confirms that its recently-released iMacs don't support the company's previous VESA solution.


The company released on the holiday weekend a Support Note about the incompatibility after several news reports on the issue. It says that the new iMacs, called "Late 2012" are not "VESA mount compatible at this time."

The mounting interface standard from the Video Electronics Standards Association enables swivel-arm mounts from a wall or desk. Apple offers a $39 VESA Mount Adapter Kit for iMac and LED Cinema or Apple Thunderbolt Display, which supports 24- and 27-inch displays and iMacs. Or they did until now.

The wording from Apple suggests that a compatible adapter is forthcoming. However, from what I understand, Apple currently doesn't offer a VESA-compliant solution for smaller screen-sizes (it may never have).

However, third-party companies such as ErgoMart and offer adapter kits for these smaller models. iMacMount offers a $79.95 kit for 17-, 20- and 21.5-inch models. The company's site says its current iMac Mount VESA Mount Adapter Kit supports the now problematic Late 2012 21.5-inch iMac.  

In addition, a version for the 27-inch iMac will ship in January, the company said.

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  • Nobody cares

    Really, nobody cares.
    • ROFL - always funny

      Nothing funnier than someone following a link, reading an article and bothering to post that they totally have no interest in something.

      Kids say it when they care too much. Have you noticed?

      I don't care, but I am sure some people do care so I read the article.

      There are people who buy iMacs and wish to wall mount them.

      Maybe Joysticks don't do such a thing? I wouldn't know.
      • RE: There are people who buy iMacs and wish to wall mount them

        No, not really.
        • and you know this because...

          you personally spoke with every one of them?

          Just FYI - there are more applications for computers than just using them at home or in a cubicle. There are places where computers are attached to industrial equipment, and screens are mounted.
          There are schools, labs, and many other places where one may want to mount a screen, not nesessarily to a wall.

          Arrogance is never pretty.
          • and you know this because...

            I know this because Apple does a lot of market research and they drop things that people no longer want, floppy drives, optical drives, Firewire, VGA ports, etc.
      • There are people who buy iMacs and wish to wall mount them.

        Sure, and I'm guessing there are PC buyers who wish to wall mount their screens too.

        But even combined, I'm sure those are far a few between, especially when it's easier to just sit it on the base that's included with the purchase.
        William Farrel
        • oh the happiness

          of being sure.
          • More sure then you are

            So not quite as worried or up in arms as you are, which is why I'm happier then you are.
            William Farrel
  • VESA Mount & iMacs

    I've always used screens on Ergotron mounts. All the screens we used, other than the iMac, had the VESA mounts 'built-in'. The previous iMacs required we purchase a $40.00 Apple VESA 'adapter'. That added cost was just that little tickle of Apple exclusivity.
    • Same here

      I use Ergotron (or similar) mounts for multi-monitor displays or articulated arms, and have found all non-Apple hardware to be immediately compatible. If you don't think this is a large market, then try to explain why there are hundreds of such mounts available.
  • What are you doing??

    This was a waste of ten minutes of my life... I'm going to have to take it back to the 90's here... NEWS FLASH- Nobody CARES how big the market is for this product or who would want to mount their screens or any of that other bull... Did any of you even read the story? This story is here because there is a need for a wall mount that is compatibile with the new 27" iMac. not to bicker amongst each other like two geeks fighting over which sweater vest will creep out the most girls, but to provide any helpful or useable insight as to how, where, or when, we can obtain one of these mounts. I happen to be one of those people. if people like me didn't need one, there wouldn't be a story on it. looking for a wall mount is what brought me to this forum, and I'm guessing it is what brought most of the people who viewed this forum here as well. I dont; know where one is, which is why I was looking. But if you all do not ave anything to say regarding WHERE or WHEN or HOW people can find this product, then kindly do us all a favor and SHUT UP.