New Intel-based education Chromebooks from CTL, M&A launched

New Intel-based education Chromebooks from CTL, M&A launched

Summary: Based on the chip giant's reference design, the laptops include rugged features and Celeron processors.

TOPICS: Mobility, Intel, Laptops

While Panasonic was introducing the 3E convertible laptop based on Intel's Education 2-in-1 reference design, a pair of lower-profile companies were announcing new Chromebooks that are based on Intel's Education Chromebook reference design.

CTL and M&A Technology are not exactly household names, but they hope to enter the households (and classrooms) of students with their new notebooks. While Chromebooks have long been seen as ideal educational laptops, it's only recently that Intel has created a standardized design for the Chrome-based portables. (That hasn't stopped companies like Lenovo from tapping into the Chromebook educational market.)

Of course, the reference design is built around Intel's processors, in this case either the Celeron N2830 or N2930 Bay Trail CPU. It can be configured with either 2GB or 4GB of RAM, and also includes a 1,366x768 11.6-inch screen and 16GB of built-in storage. Intel claims a battery life of 9.5 hours, with a battery that can be swapped out by a school's IT staff — though CTL only claims eight hours of battery life for its Chromebook.

While those specs are pretty standard for Chromebooks, Intel has added special features that are designed specifically for students and their habits. That includes drop resistance and a spill-resistant keyboard and touchpad to deal with the potential for kids' careless handling. Peel-resistant keys can keep troublemakers from attempting to remove keys from the keyboard, while a built-in handle makes it easier for wee ones to carry the device between classes and back and forth from school and home.

As with the Education 2-in-1 reference design, these Intel-based Chromebooks can handle optional learning accessories like a 30x magnification lens that can be attached to the rotatable video camera. Though it's unclear if they will have some of the same educational software pre-installed on them as the 2-in-1, they do include Google Apps, and each Chromebook can access 100GB of Google Drive online storage free for two years so students can save their work to the cloud. Google also sells a separate management console for a school system's IT staff to handle a fleet of Chromebooks.

CTL says its Education Chromebook will start at $279, but no pricing information has been released yet for M&A Technology's Chromebook.

Topics: Mobility, Intel, Laptops

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  • There's only one thing wrong with Chromebooks.

    You can bet students will be getting plenty of ads along with their educational material.
    • well you sure get a lot of ads online in general.

      Including all the crap you buy, all the places you stay, the hotels you rent, you now always get emails encouraging you to buy more. So much for "paying for stuff" and not getting ads.

      I have a chromebook. Its no different than using any other PC as far as ads. You get gmail ad links and double click ads, and others, in web pages.

      The difference is that the chromebook is more secure - from those crooks whom I don't know are spying on me around the world, via windows viruses and botnets collecting what I type. I know on the chromebook my info only goes to google, a reputable company.
      • your chromebook experience is different

        Student using chromebooks for education don't get ads in gmail for exemple.
  • The handle is a good idea

    for students. A second image of an open one would enhance the article a bit.
  • No way... no how.

    I'm sorry, but I've owned a Chromebook, and its just simply too limited for any serious work.
    • Changing all the time and adding new features.

      You do know there is a large amount of education apps now for chromebooks. Not to mention you will be able to run Android apps as well. Also they are maintenance free, unlike a Windows laptop or macbooks.
      The price that is listed is for consumers and not education facilities. If you order a number of them then the price drops again.
  • pointless

    At $299?
    I saw the new Samsung for $229 at an office store.
  • Appreciated Efforts

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    I really Appreciated the work. We always hate the add in our Notes Make time. I hope through your this information we have a bright option for discovering more to get the best