New iOS 7 gimmicks may be more reliable than Samsung's Galaxy gimmicks

New iOS 7 gimmicks may be more reliable than Samsung's Galaxy gimmicks

Summary: Samsung is known for adding tons of extra features that look great in commercials, but seem to rarely get used after the initial trial. Will Apple's new iOS 7 gimmicks work better and appeal to more iPhone owners?

New iOS 7 gimmicks may be more reliable than Samsung's Galaxy gimmicks

Samsung makes some great Android handsets, but IMHO they put too many gimmicky features in their devices and then play commercials acting like the gimmicks are easy to use and reliable.

I found it interesting to see Apple including some of these features in iOS7 and wonder if Apple will see people using them past the two-week novelty period.

In the Galaxy S4 we see a huge number of functions available beyond what is provided by the Android OS, including Screen Mirroring, Multi-window, S Beam, Air View, Air Gesture, Smart Stay, Smart Scroll, and S Voice. I have a Galaxy Note II with many of these features available, but I only use the multi-window function -- thanks in large part to the huge 5.5-inch display.

In the upcoming iOS 7 release, we see Apple adding new colorful icons like we see in TouchWiz; a control center similar to that found at the top of Samsung devices; an interface that "tracks" your movements; AirDrop that lets you wirelessly share things with other iOS users in your proximity; an improved version of Siri; and more.

These improvements are nice to see in iOS 7, and I expect that Apple will do a better job than Samsung has at making sure these unique functions work reliably. I do wonder, though, if there should be so much effort put into these kind of features rather than improving the core user experience.

For example, I would love to see some service integration in iOS in things like the photo gallery and contact database. I love how I can have my Facebook photos appear in my Android gallery and have my contact caller ID photo change automatically as my selected service for that contact changes the image. I am not saying I want iOS to copy Android and Windows Phone, but I would like improvements in some core capabilities rather than fluff features that are fun for a week or two.

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  • Because

    Your an Apple fan so of course they will.
    Nice independent journalism there!
    • You can see your own avatar, right?

      Reprimanding someone else for bias? Seriously?
      • The avater

        That's only for sh*ts and giggles to be honest.
        Have used it when being negative about Samsung before and got slated for being a Samsung fan, just because of that. :)
    • Much more of an Android and Windows Phone fan actually

      If you read what I use on a regular basis, you will see that the HTC One is my primary most of the time with a Nokia Lumia 920 serving a daily role as well. I use all mobile operating systems and give them all a fair shake actually.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
      • This statement

        "and I expect that Apple will do a better job"
        Based on what?
        Their recent track record isn't exactly up to much tight scrutiny.
        Whilst I agree that most new stuff on phones is gimmicks, just assuming that Apple will do better is a bit baseless. Unless the fact that they have had time to observe them on other platforms prior to introducing them into iOS.
        • That's what I meant, refining what others have done

          That was the intent of that comment. Apple takes what others have done and refines the experience. They set the bar with the first iPhone and then added features Android and WP tested in later updates.
          palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
          • Fair enough

            Be interesting to see, as there's nothing really new introduced today, just Apple's take on existing (other platform) functionality.
            Be funny when firms start streamlining/striping features out as selling points.
          • You mean like iMaps, Siri, Mobile Me

            and iCloud and notifications? Yes they were all launced very polished and improved upon the competitions experience

            I hope you picked up on the sarcasm.
          • Yes, exactly like Maps

            Are you claiming that there are more errors in Apple Maps than there are in Google Maps? Because you would be wrong.
            Siri was launched as a beta, and most certainly WAS an improvement on Google's voice recognition at the time.
            Mobile Me was crap, but iCloud supplanted it, so so what?
          • Siri was launched as a beta? Are you sure?

            I never saw that mentioned in their commercials, nor did anyone at Verizon ever tell me that. From everything Apple was implying It was a finished product that they were charging money for.

            Who in their right mind pays for a beta ("test") product?
            William Farrel
          • Yes, little troll, I am sure

            Everything Apple implied? You mean when they flat out said REPEATEDLY that it was in beta?
            And when did they charge money for it? Unclear when Apple EVER charged money for an iOS update.

            Clueless much? (Don't bother answering.)
          • Yup.

            AS before, see item #2 at
          • WOAH! Back!

            prior to iOS4, you had to pay for iOS updates on iPods Touch.
            They never charged for iOS updates on iPhones and when asked about the different policy, Jobs gave the lame excuse that iphones were a subscription device whereas ipod touch was a one off purchase.
            Then they announced they "found a way" to offer free updates for iPod Touch when they released iOS4.

            Btw, I've never seen in any media realease where Apple repeatedly points out that Siri or iCloud is a beta product. It is not on any disclaimers in the iphone firmware or any piece of documentation that comes with an iphone.
            Apple tries their best to hide the fact that Siri and iCloud is beta. They even CHARGE people to use more than 5gb on iCloud which is still in beta.
            Yes, paying to use beta!
          • Yup.

            It was on their web site but you had to dig around. It was actually in small text on a page. Hence, they could say that "What do you expect, it is after all a beta" when something didn't work. Oh ya. Why includes a beta app in a retail/final release?
            Oh read item #2 in the small print at
          • What bar? I hope you aren't forgetting your history!

            I sincerely hope you are speaking of the marketing/hype bar here. If you are talking in terms of technology, you should really look back at the history of the 1st iPhone. Comparatively, it wasn't anything special. Actually, your own sister site (cnet) didn't even name it one of the best/must have smartphones when it was first released. What app store? What useful apps that no other phone at the time had? What accessories market? Do I really need to continue? The ONE thing it had was marketing and hype that made it "cool" to have as opposed to "executive businessman" or "geek-chic" like its initial competiton.

            Of course, if Apple didn't convince ATT to subsidize it, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Even with TMobile's efforts, I highly doubt the average American can tell you the true cost of an iPhone...last we knew, the average New Yorker couldn't tell the difference between the iPhone 4S and 5 (Thank you Jimmy Kimmel).
          • You need to know history to forget it.

            You might want to review yours.
          • Why, is it not revisionist enough for you?

            Gotta love the itards - history not kind to apple, well it needs changing then.

            You appear desperate today deus - you've moved to full on apologist/defend mode?
            Face it, your favourite company has lost any innovation they might once have been able to dubiously claim. Jony has worked his magic and brought you, well, errr, prettier icons. I know I'm throwing the S3 in the bin so I'm not weighed down on my way to the applestore.
            Little Old Man
          • Amen, my brother

            Preach on. I think that gets me the most about apple people is the whole apologist aspect. There is always an excuse, always a reason for apple's shortcomings. It's like the abused spouse syndrome, too scared to face the truth.
          • Oh really? Please point out where I apologized for Apple.

          • And where, exactly did I do that, you troll?