New iPad mini: First look, in pictures (gallery)

New iPad mini: First look, in pictures (gallery)

Summary: Apple has unveiled the long-awaited and much-rumored update to the iPad mini, adding a high-resolution retina display and a more powerful 64-bit processor.

TOPICS: Mobility, iPad

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  • (Source: Apple)

    Advanced wireless

    Mobile tech is nothing without a connection to the web, so Apple has built MIMO technology right into the new iPad mini. MIMO uses multiple antennas to improve communication performance, and according to Apple it delivers twice the Wi-Fi performance of the previous iPad mini.

    For times when there isn't Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi + Cellular model supports more LTE bands than ever before, offering better performance in more places around the world.

  • (Source: Apple)

    Apps galore

    Apple now offers more free productivity apps for the iPad mini than ever, with iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote now available for $0.

  • (Source: Apple)

    Smart Cover and Smart Case

    The redesigned Smart Cover and new Smart Case have been designed by Apple to fit the new iPad mini perfectly. They automatically wake up the iPad mini when opened, and put it to sleep again when closed. They also fold up to create a stand for reading, viewing, and typing.

Topics: Mobility, iPad

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  • No need to look at pictures

    I would rather buy a Nokia 2520 or Surface 2 than wasting money on this. Sky high price, lacka substance and USB port and totally locked to iTunes.
    • The old USB argument yet again?!

      Isn't that a bit of tired argument now? If the lack of USB ports were such an issue then the iPad wouldn't be as successful as it has been.

      What do you mean by lacks substance? Apple's App Store has a proven track record of new and unusual usage cases for these devices. On top of this all their content creation software for iOS is now free. And it's good software.

      Totally locked to iTunes? Not so much any more. A better thing to say would be "totally locked to iCloud". I have family members who have never hooked their iDevices up to a Mac or a PC. In fact, I haven't for months either, come to think of it.

      Sky high price? Well, nobody is forcing you to pay it, and from what you said I don't think you were planning to anyway, so what do you care?
  • Finally it competes with the Nexus 7... oh wait

    Hold up, spoke too soon.
    This mini has an HD pixel density like the Nexus 7 finally, but costs double the price.

    I suppose that 64 bit processor will come in handy once someone writes an app that soaks up more than 8 gig of memory (and once Apple creates an iPad or iPhone that has more than 1 gig or 2 gig!) though...
    • Solution:

      Don't buy one. See, wasn't that easy? Saves you a lot of time, too, because now you no longer have to whine about Apple products any more and can use that time to do productive things like wanking or popping your zits or scratching your bum and sniffing it like you used to do before you joined those obsessing about Apple.
      Christopher Isto