New LED lightbulbs controlled via smartphone

New LED lightbulbs controlled via smartphone

Summary: The new iLumi technology is Bluetooth-enabled, which means it can be controlled from a mobile app running on Apple iOS or Android.

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Interested in installing LED lights that you can control remotely, but not so interested in rewiring your whole house? You might want to look into new technology introduced in late November by iLumi Solutions.


iLumi is a series of LED light bulbs that have been enabled with Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy, so that you can adjust the brightness, program schedules for them to go on and off, and make other settings changes using a mobile app running on a handheld device or smartphone using either Apple iOS or Android.

The bulbs support HyperLux, which means they are dimmable and come in multiple colors. Other features include proximity and geo-location recognition, so the bulbs can be set to sense whether or not there is someone in a run - and turn on and off accordingly.

Once they are set, they the bulbs can also be controlled with a traditional light switch (so you don't have to run around with your mobile gadget all the time).

The series comes in four versions including a 100-watt replacement bulb that uses 15 watts of power and produces 1,100 lumens of light and a 60-watt replacement that uses eight watts and produces 650 lumens. They aren't exactly inexpensive, although they do have a 20-year expected lifespan. The suggested retail price starts at $59.

Right now, the lightbulbs are part of an Indiegogo campaign aimed at helping the Dallas-based company find backers for mass production. The first batch of them is expected to hit the market in spring 2013.

Topic: Emerging Tech

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  • Sounds similar to Phillips' Hue light system.

    Have you done a comparison?
    • Wow

      Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online(Click on menu Home)
    • Check Out Easybulb

      Philips Hue is quite expensive. I ordered some bulbs at that can do almost the same thing and they are only £15 each while the Philips Hue is over £250.
  • I saw something similar going to be sold at Apple Stores
    William Farrel
  • Wow!

    Want! Want! Want!
  • Already on the market with Insteon

    There is already a smart LED lightbulb like this with Insteon. You just screw it in the socket, and then can control it through a smartphone via their home hub.

    == John ==
    • Insteon are very first generation.

      more expensive and don't have the color controlled output. Likewise, their LEDs tend to be about 1/2 as bright.
  • Log on to your light bulb

    It would therefore be possible to hack into someone else's light bulbs.

    Turn a competitor's building red? Or just turn someone else's lights off.

    In an average sized room it would work. In a big hall or auditorium with high ceilings, it might be out of Bluetooth radio reach.
    • @Zchro

      Great thoughts Zchro, but we've also thought about those things.

      Once an iLumi is paired with a profile, only that profile can access it, so no messing with the neighbors lights. Plus multiple iLumis actually work together to create a mesh network to pass on signals, so as long as you're within 100 feet of an iLumi you should be good to go.
      • Yes, and it would be impossible to hack a profile

        Just as it's impossible to hack secure servers & email passwords, clone MAC & other "unique" hardware IDs, etc.
  • iLumi's available for pre-order on indiegogo

    To all those wondering how they can get an iLumi, head over to to pre-order yours to ship in the spring. You can also check out our website at Thanks and reach out with any questions.
  • I find other related projects also as interesting as this one!

    I find it really interesting! Now on indiegogo we can also find and pre-order other awesome smart gadgets for smart homes to be controlled via smartphone or laptop. Hope you’ll enjoy it!