New Logitech QuickCam Software Release (11.7)

New Logitech QuickCam Software Release (11.7)

Summary: Logitech has released a new version (11.7) of their QuickCam software package.


Logitech has released a new version (11.7) of their QuickCam software package. It is not yet being offered automatically by their webcam support web page, but it can be downloaded from their FTP site:

There is also a 64-bit version available (qc1170_x64.exe). The package contains new drivers for most of their currently available webcams, and a new QuickCam application software release.

There is at least one piece of very good news in this release for those who use Logitech webcams with Video IM programs. They have added a new option to prevent the QuickCam "Ribbon" from popping up every time the camera is accessed.

For those who like to "peek ahead", there appears to be support for at least four or five new webcams in this software, including what looks like two new "series" (Exxxx and Sxxxx) and a new model of the Communicate Deluxe.

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  • New Logitech QuickCam Software Release (11.7)


    The download links have been removed from the Logitech FTP site, and there was briefly a note in the Logitech User Forums saying that this software release was intended for the new cameras only.

    There seems to have been quite a bit of confusion and uncertainty about this release at Logitech. I will update here again when (if) it is finally released.
  • New Logitech QuickCam Software Release (11.7)

    Just an FYI, Logitech QuickCam version 11.8 is now available. Just downloaded it but haven't tested it out yet.
  • New Logitech QuickCam Software Release (11.7)

    @larry510 - thanks for the heads-up. I've got it now, and I'm writing a short new blog entry about it.