New Nexus 7 spec leaked

New Nexus 7 spec leaked

Summary: Google is expected to unveils the new Nexus 7 later today, but thanks to leaks we know in advance what will make this new Android tablet tick.

TOPICS: Android, Google, Tablets

While Google hasn't officially unveiled its new Android-powered Nexus 7 tablet yet, information on the hardware has already leaked onto the web.

The information comes via the Android enthusiast site Android Police, and the details suggest that the new tablet is on par, or perhaps a little faster, than the Nexus 4.

Here's what the new Nexus 7 brings to the table:

  • Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
  • A 7-inch 1920x1200 retina-display screen with a pixel density of 323 PPI
  • Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz (same as the Nexus 4)
  • 2GB of RAM (same as the Nexus 4)
  • Adreno 320 GPU
  • NFC support
(Source: Android Police)

This spec is pretty much in line with both what I expected and what rumors had suggested the hardware configuration would be.

Performance in benchmarks suggests that the new Nexus 7 is significantly faster than the old Nexus 7 (for example, the new Nexus 7 scoring 7,188 in 3DMark's Ice Storm Extreme test, compared to 1,877 for the old Nexus 7), but displaying comparable performance to the Nexus 4.

The increased performance should allow app to run faster and for the UI to feel smoother and more fluid.

One annoying fault that remains is audio latency. This is common to Android devices and is usually in the region of 80-90 milliseconds. Tests carried out by Android Police suggest that with the Nexus 7 this has been cut to 40 milliseconds, but should ideally be as low as 10 milliseconds.

Google is expected to unveil the new Nexus 7 later today. 

Topics: Android, Google, Tablets

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  • Few things

    1) "Retina" is an Apple trademark so it is not a retina display
    2) Google is expected to unveil it today, 2/24
    3) Who cares about 3DMark scores?
    • Few things more

      1. Hey, ever hear of genericide? Google it. Oops there's another example.
    • Re: "Retina" is an Apple trademark

      A trademark has to be meaningless. If they had called it an "Appletastic" display, they might have been able to trademark it. But since they used the word "retina" with a specific meaning, they cannot prevent others using the word with the same meaning.
  • Few things

    1) "Retina" is an Apple trademark so it is not a retina display
    2) Google is expected to unveil it today, 2/24
    3) Who cares about 3DMark scores?
  • Bull

    If these were the specs it wouldn't have been delayed.
  • I'm curious about the price

    Audio lag is an old android problem, it sucks big time for real time audio, iOS is way better there.
  • Google malware

    It comes pre-loaded with Google malware, spyware and privacy invasion software. They want to sell your details everyday, so that they could survive until next quarter.
    • Like microsoft skydrive and outlook

      with encryption free for any agency who pay?
  • SD Card?

    I'd consider replacing my current Nexus 7 if it has a micro SD card slot and HDMI out.

    Yeah, I know there are workarounds for both it would be great to have them naively. Otherwise I'll keep my current model.
    • SlimPort

      Answered my own question. The microUSB port incorporates SlimPort which gives video out. You have to buy the adapter cable separately.
    • Re: SD Card?

      Do you really need that much extra space?

      It's quite easy to transfer files between an Android device and a desktop PC, using an SFTP/SMB client (wirelessly) or MTP (wired). Android is a proper computer, with a proper filesystem.
  • What grabbed my attention

    Is not the specs but seeing that CPU-Z now has an Android version!