New video purports to show 1.5cm narrower iPad 5 enclosure

New video purports to show 1.5cm narrower iPad 5 enclosure

Summary: A new video shows what it believes to be an iPad 5 enclosure which is much narrower than the iPad 4 and which uses the design sensibility of the iPad mini.

TOPICS: Apple, iOS, iPad
New video purports to show 1.5cm narrower iPad 5 enclosure - Jason O'Grady

A new video by YouTube user unboxtherapy claims to show an assembled iPad 5 enclosure and compares it to the current generation iPad 4. The main takeaways, if the leak is real, are 1) that the iPad 5 will be 1.5cm narrower than the iPad, while retaining the same display dimensions, and 2) that the iPad 5 will inherit the boxier, less  rounded industrial design of the iPad mini.

Here's the video, so you can judge for yourself:

Topics: Apple, iOS, iPad

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  • The iPad slim

    Or the diet iPad. Yes THIS is a game changer.

    1.5 cm slimmer than our regular iPad with the same great taste er display.

    You'll need to buy a new cover, keyboard case, etc. etc. since none of that will work with the new dimensions. We all know the majority of sales are by the same people that bought the previous model(s). Well the keyboard would work except not as a case... But of course you'll want the newer Bluetooth standard anyway so your totally justified in getting a new one.
    • And the hardware companies thank Apple for those new accessaries.

      Arm A. Geddon
    • Muppet

      I don't know if anyone told you but you don't HAVE to buy one.. your old iPad will still work fine..
      • Heresy

        Thow shalt not speak of such things
        • I've always lamented my inability to use my external 3.5" floppy drive

          with my new iPad. Or my old IBM desktop keyboard (such a sweet keyboard was and still is)

          But time marches on.

          Personally, one can view technology changes in two different ways. One can rejoice for the new buyer and his state-of-the-art device or one can lament a person's "once-state-of-the-art" device when compared to the next new hotness.

          Somehow, I always find myself rooting for the newbie and hope he or she can delight in the moment - brief though it might be.
          • Got money for the USB camera kit?

            Got money for a PS2->USB adapter?

            Got Money for a 5 pin DIN->PS2 adapter?

            Now you can use the best keyboard ever made with an iPad. :D
    • Guess what?

      If you had an original iPad and upgraded to the 2, you had to get all-new accessories. Those covers that Apple (and other companies) put out for the iPad 2 didn't fit just right on the iPad 3. Then the lightning port came out for the iPad 4.

      That's just how technology marches on.
    • Speaking of,

      why bash Apple for something that every Android handset manufacturer does? Or something that Nokia will be bound to do?
  • A much needed upgrade....

    Following the iPad Mini the standard iPad was looking dated so this can only be a positive move.

    Lighter, Easier in the hand and the same Screen size.

    All these factors considered the new iPad looks like it is going to set a new standard for others to follow.
    • I'm with this guy

      Holding my Retina iPad after using the Mini for a few hours you notice how the design has come along. I'm going to welcome a new smaller, lighter iPad to replace the Retina one.
      It's due an upgrade anyways as it's 18 months old and has served me well at very little cost for the use it's had.
    • I like it, but...

      Nice change, but the fact that I'd need all new accessories makes it a lot less exciting. There will have to be more improvements than this or I won't bother. Personally, I'm hoping they upgrade both cameras (front and back) on both the iPad and iPhone this month. The front facing camera should take great photos, too. Arm's length shots (selfies) are an extremely common use for camera phones, now.

      This won't appear any time soon, but I'd also like to see dual LEDs for the flash mounted at opposite ends of all their devices, with individually tunable brightness. This would create far less flat images and minimize the "deer in the headlights" look most interior camera phone shots have. Better control over lighting could create a huge boost in image quality. It would make far more of a difference than adding more megapixels. Good lighting is half of the equation for good photos and has largely been ignored by camera phone designers. If Apple doesn't do it, maybe Nokia or even Samsung will. I think even the Nokia 1020 has only scratched the surface of the quality which is obtainable with a phone camera.
  • Redesign makes switching that much easier

    Since you will need a whole new set of accessories anyway, take advantage of it and break free of the whole Apple ecosystem.

    (Those of you who had to endure the Apple fans who ragged on the 'larger' top and bottom bezels of the new Nexus 7 when it was just that the device was thinner will get this...)
  • Apple does it again, with such great innovation!

    Oh, wait!

    Where's the innovation? Oh, the width is 1.5 cm less? Nobody will ever be able to match that. Apple will probably get a patent for the 17 cm width, and nobody will ever be able to copy that "innovation".

    (Why would somebody create a whole discussion about the newer width of the iPad?)
    • Slow news day / click bait

      and here we are.