New York Times Website goes down

New York Times Website goes down

Summary: The popular newspaper Web site went down on Wednesday morning. One report is that the site has been attacked by hackers.


The New York Times (NYT) Web site is down. The site went down at approximately 11:40 AM Eastern Daylight Savings time (EDT).

The New York Times is down.

Officially, according to the NYT twitter account, all the paper has to say is that "The New York Times Web site is experiencing technical difficulties. We expect to be back up shortly." And, then a follow-up,a few minutes, later saying "There are technical difficulties at that we hope to resolve soon. "

It's not just the NYT Web site. According to sources at the paper, the e-mail servers are also down.

A latter NYT tweet confirmed this, "As you are undoubtedly aware, we are experiencing a server issue that has resulted in our e-mail and Web site being unavailable."  The paper also reported that the they beleive that the  "outage is the result of an internal issue, which we expect to be resolved soon."

One report, from Fox Business News, states that the corporate and media sites of The New York Times were experiencing a major cyber attack. Fox's source also said that the NYT IT staff have been working with security experts to assess and deal with the problem.

The NYT outage report comes the same week that a Chinese hacker group behind  previous, persistent attacks against the Times and other media outlets has reportedly launched new attacks against yet-to-be-identified targets.

While services are being restored, the NYT is posting key stories to its Facebook page.

At this time, approximately 1:20 PM EDT, the important news site is still down.

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  • If the NY Times website goes down, and there's nobody there to notice,

    did it really go down? ;)
  • I'm sure this wasn't hosted on a Linux powered Apache server

    We all know that those have 100% uptime and are impervious to all hacking attacks imaginable.
    • Nahh, you can rest assured

      that it was hosted on the same Windows server that caused the Outlook, Hotmail, SkyDrive outages today.... because we all know that Windows products are so reliable and secure.
      • Who said that?

        But you know what the Linux fanboys ARE saying on that blog? That everyone needs to switch to Linux... because we all know that Linux products are so reliable and secure.

        • Having looked through all the comments on that particular blog..

          I can only find ONE reference to Linux and/or Apache servers..... and that was from YOU. Are you admitting to being a Linux fanboy?????
  • Since nearly all of ....

    ..the top super-computers are Linux, I have to assume that they are at least as
    secure and reliable as windows....and I suspect more so. With the $$$$ involved in those, one uses the best available
    Old Dog V
    • What do super computers have to do with the NYT?

      I suspect that the NYT did not use a super computer to power their web site or mail servers so your comment is completely pointless in this context.