Newest Skype betas for Windows and Mac include Live Messenger integration

Newest Skype betas for Windows and Mac include Live Messenger integration

Summary: Slowly, but surely, Skype is becoming more integrated with other Microsoft properties, like Live Messenger, Hotmail, Xbox and


Integration between Skype and the rest of Microsoft's properties is slowly trickling down.


Microsoft's Skype unit announced on September 13 that it is enabling sign in using Windows Live ID -- now known as Microsoft Account -- in the latest Skype for Windows beta (version 5.11). This means by signing in with a Windows Live ID, users will be able to send and receive IMs and see presence ifnormation from those using Live Messenger, Xbox, Hotmail or

Microsoft is enabling the same integration via a new Skype 5.11 for Mac beta, as well.

According to Microsoft, there's also better Facebook integration in the Skype 5.11 betas, allowing users to sign in directly with their Facebook account log-ins without needing to create a Skype account first.

Those choosing to sign into Skype using their Microsoft or Facebook accounts will have the option to link their Skype accounts. Those who go this route will see a combined list of friends.

The new Skype UI is now "refreshed and flattened" with a "simpler and less cluttered look" in the latest beta. And there's more "help us improve the quality of our product" telemetry-gathering offers. Those who opt in to provide that information to Microsoft should know that reports sent to Microsoft may contain their Skype IDs and/or Microsoft Account IDs.

The Skype 5.11 for Windows beta is downloadable from the Skype beta site. The Mac version of the Skype 5.11 beta is here.

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  • "simpler and less cluttered look"

    I know it's just a beta, but the UI is still as cluttered as ever, just flattened out. I like the flattened look, but Skype is still missing an overall Windows look and feel. The UI needs completely revamped, IMO.
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • I guess I should say...

      An over Microsoft look and feel.
      The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • making progress

      Skype had one of the worst UI's ever. It ranked up there in terms of ugliness with itunes and Spotify. I think the Skype beta has made significant progress but I agree it has a long ways to go. The best option is for pure OS integration.
  • What about Lync?

    Lync integration would be awesome.
  • I bet Skype replaces Windows Live Messenger in Windows Essentials

    I bet Skype replaces Windows Live Messenger in Windows Essentials. It didn't get an update for Windows Essentials 2012 and I bet Microsoft drop it.
    • Better Skype than Live Messenger

      You make an excellent point bradavon. Messenger has become stale, it's appearance dated. The perfect messenger would a marriage between the two, combine the best of both and kill off the less popular. When was the last time anyone used Messenger?
    • Skype replacing WLM

      I think that would be a great move.
      Give Skype UI an overhaul to match Windows Metro design and simplify the layout.
      I hate the WLM interface. It's so dated an unappealing..
      Antaine O'Labhradha
  • More is needed badly with these two....

    MS needs to lose Messenger and put it all into Skype, but the Skype interface NEEDS TO CHANGE. Way too cluttered. This "integration" is happening at a snails pace. I wonder if the Skype crown "gets along" with the Redmond crowd. Isn't Skype getting a little tired of people trashing the interface? They need to get that quicker.

    I am now using ONLY Skype and have my Messenger contacts integrated, but everyone is in TWO's now. I hope this all comes together for Win 8 release, but something tells me they are FAR from ready on this front. I'll be happy when I see Skype on the Xbox instead of that 2nd rate Messenger Video app.