Apple wins patent for E-Wallet

Apple wins patent for E-Wallet

Summary: Apple was granted a patent in the US that experts think is the first step for an Apple mobile payment system.


The US Patent and Trademark Office published the approved patent on Tuesday, adding fuel to rumors that Apple plans to launch a mobile payment service.

The patent is titled "Parental controls", and its text largely describes a scenario where a parent sets up a prepaid subsidiary account for their child. However, it also notes that the functionality could be used by an employer who wants to set rules for an employee's handset-based payment account.

Pictures in the patent show an application called E-Wallet. Apple Patently noted, ""Apple's patent reviews credit card transaction rules and shows us that the credit card companies will be sending statements directly to your iTunes account, The iWallet project just became a little more real today."

For more on this story, read Apple wins patent for mobile payment controls on ZDNet UK.

Topics: Legal, Apple, Banking, Enterprise Software

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  • Or as a means

    to retroactivelly sue anyone else that already created an epayment app.
    William Farrel
    • ...Or as a means

      This just in: Apple sues pancake chain iHOP over unauthorized use of the letter "i".
      • LOL!

        +1, Landshark9025 :D
        William Farrel
  • Sure does

    Their getting to be as bad or worst then microsoft suing people. Got to the point hope I never "have to" own anything apple makes, let alone having to use. So they can just keep their e-wallet along with ipads.....and the rest. Heard some of their stuff is not too bad. But have nothing I need.
  • Japanese already have this

    If you go to Tokyo, they have been doing payments with their smartphones now for about 5 years. Does Apple really have the audacity to say its the first? Back in 2007 a Japanese company called NTT DOCOMO started doing this FIRST. America is sadly behind the Japanese technologically because most of us fear math and science. Japan isn't the only country that does this, anyone who travels the world knows of many others.

    For all the iNazis that believe this isn't true here... I hope you can read...(Note the date of 2005)

    Here's a vid showing a person using a mobile phone as an ePayment in Japan
    • Why make Apple the target or your tirade?

      Apple has not really said anything here have they? Only the words you imagine that they might say at some point.

      The United States Patent office has in fact issued a Patent to Apple. That being the case you should really be asking "Does United States Patent Office really have the audacity to say Apple's patent is the first"?

      Perhaps your vitriol is misdirected.
      • Not really!

        Apple actually had the gull to apply for it.

        The USPTO's is accused of stupidity.
    • Or maybe

      The company in Japan that owns the Japanese didn't apply for a International patent. Completely different and separate patents.
      • Really?

        Since when are Japanese patents not valid internationally?

        Japan could say the same things about US Patents. Last time I check Japan signed the Paris convention as well.

        Read the article, Apple registered this in the US Patents office, and if you claim they are automatically valid all over the world, then Japan can claim the same about their patents system. Fair is fair.

        This patent is plain silly like 80% of patents registered. Just like when T-Mobile tried to patent the color magenta.
    • Americans fear math and science?

      And here I understood that it has more to do with the culture, where the good of the corporations is far more important the the good of the individual citizen.

      One must look at the pitfalls of the technology, which your links do not cover. Is the use of the technology in the corporation's, or the populace's best interest?
      Tim Cook
  • Novel and not obvious?

    What exactly is novel here to warrant a patent?
  • Apple will have to rename e-Wallet

    I have been using eWallet by Ilium Software since I had a Palm OS device! It is an encrypted file cabinet for passwords , login info, credit card info, etc. It's fantastic.
  • Apple has no shame....

    in stealing ideas, claiming it as their own, and advertising it as tho it is exclusive to Apple.
    facetime video calling (iphones STILL can't make or take a standard 3G video call 10 years after the standard was established!), oh wait, you can't do it over 3G yet, wait a bit and we'll sort it out soon, you need wifi for now. Yeh facetime, introduced like its NEW about 7 years after 3G video calls were established.
    Now they try to tell you cloud integration is unique to Apple. pffft. They didn't invent it. They stole the idea from Google.
    Apple still doesn't offer NFC iphones, so as far as I'm concerned, they can STFU about e-wallet till they do. They will of course try to tell you how good it is and pretend they invented it when they get it in the iphone.
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