Bing grabs a bigger slice of search market

Bing grabs a bigger slice of search market

Summary: Web analytics firm StatCounter says Microsoft's new search engine continued to grow in July but it's still a long way from being a threat to Google.

Web analytics firm StatCounter released analysis on Monday stating that Microsoft's new search engine, Bing, slightly increased the software maker's share of the US search market in July. It now claims 9.41 percent, up from 8.23 percent in June.

The combined market share of both Microsoft and Yahoo in July was 20.36 percent, up slightly from 19.27 percent in June. The commanding lead Google currently has on the market shrank slightly to 77.54 percent in July from 78.48 percent in June.

Microsoft and Yahoo reached a deal last week, with Microsoft powering Yahoo search while Yahoo becomes the exclusive worldwide relationship sales force for both companies' premium search advertisers.

According to StatCounter analysis, worldwide is where the two companies face an even bigger challenge in the search market. In July, Microsoft and Yahoo combined had just 8.77 percent of the global search market, down from 8.45 percent in June. On the other hand, Google still dominates the search market globally with 89.23 percent in July (slightly down from 89.8 percent in June).

StatCounter's data was based on an analysis of one billion search engine referring clicks (of which 258 million were from the US) that were collected in June and July from the company's network of more than three million websites.

This article was originally posted on CNET News.

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  • Ok let's wait now for ZDNet's own fake nick: Loverock

    always the same, always a failed Mike Cox impersonation.
  • Why ZDNet stories are unreliable...

    ..."In July, Microsoft and Yahoo combined had just 8.77 percent of the global search market, _down_ from 8.45 percent in June." (underlines mine)

    Tell me how ZDNet math does not stink.
    Confused by religion
    • I was just thinking

      the same....
  • If it weren't for MS Updates....

    If not for MS updates, I would never use the engine. Every time I turn around, I try to use the search toolbar and for some reason or another it was "updated" to bing. What crap is this? If Google did this, Microsoft would cry to the government about how they were a monopoly.

    This is a bunch of binging crap. I wish some one would bing the hell out of Microsoft for coming up with that binging name of a search engine. I can't stand to binging deal with bing.

  • Microsoft haters, use your brain

    I can't believe ZDnet attract so many brainless micrsoft haters. It is time to grow up for those people.
    • Too right, buddy

      "And I would like an hour on the holodeck with Seven of Nine!"

      Neither will ever happen :(

      "The views expressed here are mine and do not reflect the official opinion of my employer or the organization through which the Internet was accessed."
  • RE: Bing grabs a bigger slice of search market

    That wasn't a very large increase in share when you consider that goole still has about 77% of it. Yes it is a larger share but when you look at the big picture it isn't as large.
    I can remember when Google was the underdog to Yahoo. It didn't take them that long to overthrow them.
  • RE: Bing grabs a bigger slice of search market

    hurray for bing!
  • Up is down, left is right and you need an editor.

    "Microsoft and Yahoo combined had just 8.77 percent of the global search market, down from 8.45 percent in June. "
    • Bing IS beating GOOG in conversions....

      ...which is what advertisers want/need.....I'll let the zealots debate why the conversion rates are higher. (easy answers are cashback and relevancy)

      Here is a MediaPost article (not paid for by MSFT presumably for the GOOG Fanbois...)
      Study: Bing's Ad Click-Throughs May Perform Better Than Google's and the site is at:
  • Really? I dont see why.

    Not ONE of these "search" engines actually returns perfect results. Bing is just one of them.
  • Bing isn't exceptional

    My personal experience with Bing so far has left me
    unimpressed. That doesn't mean it's bad, it simply
    means that it doesn't inspire me to switch. I'd rather
    use the more familiar Google Search as long as it
    remains a competitive option.

    I suppose you could accuse me of being a Google Fanboy
    since moving my company to Apps, but I ultimately want
    the best value/service, regardless of who provides it.
    For example, Google Apps provides decent e-mail and
    portal tools for small businesses at a great price,
    but their productivity tools can't touch MS.

    I hope MS continues to innovate in the search space
    and that they eventually provide a compelling reason
    for me to switch.
  • RE: Bing grabs a bigger slice of search market

    My website does better with Bing and Yahoo! Bing brings us users are are searching for the NY content we do have. I hope Bing with Yahoo! combined gives us relief from guessing how to create pages to please Google rather than our customers!

  • Google is a monopoly. Keep our eyes wide open.

    We really need to watch Google. They are entering monopoly status in search, web reach, global advertising, mass media, and online applications of every kind. This is more serious than when AT&T needed to be broken up 1984. And it pales in comparison to Microsoft. Their webbed grasp has gone too far. It's time for someone to change the game, as they did. All web businesses live or die by Google, rise and fall as a result of Google, and make money with Google ads. Doesn't this seem to be getting VERY creepy? I think so.
    DocuMentor (Doc)