BlackBerry outage spans three continents

BlackBerry outage spans three continents

Summary: Blackberry users across Europe, the Middle East and Africa have been hit by a data outage that cut off access


A massive outage of BlackBerry data services began across Europe, the Middle East and Africa began on Monday at around 10:20am BST and is still continuing, according to posts to Twitter by BlackBerry owners and service providers. Research In Motion confirmed the downtime in a short statement on Monday.

"We are working to resolve an issue currently impacting some BlackBerry subscribers in Europe, Middle East and Africa," RIM said. "We're investigating, and we apologize to our customers for any inconvenience caused whilst this is resolved."

The Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) — comprising Blackberry Messenger (BBM), email and web services — was affected, according to customers posting to Twitter and in the official BlackBerry forum. The outage potentially affects millions, given that Research In Motion's declared subscriber base worldwide is 70 million. Du, a telecoms operator in the United Arab Emirates, estimated as many as 50 percent of BlackBerry customers in EMEA could be affected.

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  • RE: BlackBerry outage spans three continents

    Read this article about a 'benefit' of the blackberry outage. Pretty shocking stats, if true.
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