Citigroup hit by hackers

Citigroup hit by hackers

Summary: Citigroup said hackers had breached the bank's network and may have gained access to the personal data of hundreds of thousands of bank card customers

TOPICS: Security, Banking

Citigroup said on Wednesday that hackers had breached the bank's network and may have gained access to the personal data of hundreds of thousands of bank card customers, according to a report.

Customer names, account numbers and contact information, including email addresses, were reportedly accessed during the breach, which was discovered in May during routine monitoring. However, no social-security numbers, birthdates or security codes were accessed, according to the report in the Financial Times.

Citigroup told the newspaper that the breach affected about one percent of its 21 million customers. Citigroup representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The breach adds the bank's name to a growing list of companies that have suffered an intrusion in recent months.

For more on this story, read Report: Hackers accessed Citigroup customer data on CNET News.

Topics: Security, Banking

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  • RE: Citigroup hit by hackers

    This is getting ridiculous. Are hackers getting that good, or are security protocols and setups just that weak?
  • This is why Google removed all traces of MS operating systems

    They are getting hacked because an employee receives a message with code in it through email. The unsuspecting Microsoft user looks at the message and they are infected. They now open the port to a remote server from the inside, exploit the local machine, sniff the wire, sit back and hang out for a while until they map out the network and systems. It is very easy with MS operating systems. There are literally millions upon millions of complete control of the desktop virus/malware. When they reboot...guess matter MS just rns the code they now have embedded locally and it is now running as some type of service. Ridiculous. I am doing automated data mining of NAT addresses on my routers (ports, length they are open, and SRC-DST). Do a netstat -a on any MS machine that has been on the internet for over 6 months and I guarantee you there will be connections to some remote IP's that you do not even know you machine is connecting with.
    • RE: Citigroup hit by hackers

      @ctunk After reading your post I would have bet my life that the author was going to be The Linux Advocate. I would have been wrong. How can you be so sure that is how it went down?
  • RE: Citigroup hit by hackers

    They must have been using linux
  • RE: Citigroup hit by hackers

    Why steal personal info? Why not start transferring money from the victim accounts into your own offshore accounts at the speed of light?
    Hallowed are the Ori
  • RE: Citigroup hit by hackers

    Gee...and financial institutions have the audacity to laugh, snicker, and ridicule those who chose to NOT embrace electronic banking. It is pretty difficult to "hack" into paper and ink transactions.