Gartner reveals the eight hottest mobile techs to watch

Gartner reveals the eight hottest mobile techs to watch

Summary: The analyst house has named the technologies it believes will play a significant role in shaping the mobile landscape over the next two years.

Analyst house Gartner has named the technologies it believes will play a significant role in shaping the mobile landscape over the next two years.

With the rise of Apple's iPhone, and other new entrants such as Google's Android OS platform, mobile user interfaces (UI) are emerging as a key battleground as ease of use becomes ever-more important.

Gartner predicts mobile makers will use UIs to differentiate handsets and platforms in an attempt to stand out from the competition — meaning businesses should get ready to support them.

"Organizations should expect more user demands for support of specific device models driven by interface preferences," the analyst noted.

Another area it believes has an important role to play in differentiating mobile hardware is display tech. 2009 and 2010 will bring several new display technologies into play, according to Gartner, including 'pico projectors' that are capable of projecting presentations on flat surfaces.

The analyst is also confident mobile broadband will continue its onward march, noting: "In many regions, HSPA [High Speed Packet Access] provides adequate connectivity to replace Wi-Fi 'hotspots'".

The mobile web has potential also, according to the analyst, which "is emerging as a low-cost way to deliver simple mobile applications to a range of devices".

Mobile widgets are tipped to gain ground in the coming years, as Gartner said they offer a way of streaming simple feeds to handsets and small screens. Mobile web apps will therefore be part of most B2C mobile strategies, the analyst noted. With the rise of GPS-enabled phones, location sensing will grow in importance as a means of contextualizing mobile apps and making services more useful. Mobile presence and mobile social networking in particular are likely to benefit, the analyst added.

Gartner has high hopes for the next iteration of Bluetooth — Bluetooth 3.0 — which will bring support for Wi-Fi and ultrawideband. The analyst claims it will enable new applications such as health monitoring.

802.11n Wi-Fi is also tipped as having potential. "802.11n is the first Wi-Fi technology to offer performance on a par with the 100Mbps Ethernet commonly used for wired connections to office PCs. It is, therefore, an enabler for the all-wireless office, and should be considered by companies equipping new offices or replacing older 802.11a/b/g systems in 2009 and 2010," the analyst noted.

The final tech to make it onto Gartner's map is NFC (near field communication); however, while Gartner believes it is emerging as a leading standard for applications such as mobile payment, it says NFC usage is not likely to become common in mature mobile markets anytime soon. "NFC is likely to become important sooner in emerging markets, with some deployments starting by 2010," Gartner concludes.

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  • Ubiquitous? I think not.

    The advances Gartner predict arent so much predictions, as extrapolations of existing trends.

    This by no means indicates any change any time soon in the basic nature of how we conduct our wireless lives, in any meaningful scale. Yes, there will be early adoption in a small number of institutions, however you will still be able to go to your local shop and have a distinctly low tech experience.

    Is the utpian world of tech coming soon to a shopping hell near you? Maybe in some places, but certainly not everywhere.

    Frankly, the fact that speeds will increase, is no great revelation (thanks Gartner, nee Captains Obvious, collectively). I'd be more inclined to think that Surface Computing would make more of a dent in our collective lives.
    • Predicting through linear extrapolation..

      That's about all most of these analysts are good for.

      Surface computing...that's a good one.
  • RE: Gartner reveals the eight hottest mobile techs to watch

    And what about mobile bidet???

    This company is going to make 4G mobile bidet :)
  • RE: Gartner reveals the eight hottest mobile techs to watch

    Would be more interesting to hear predictions about mobile services (app stores, etc.), applications (mobile payment, etc.), and business models.
  • It took a while for me to really understand...

    ...why Gartner et al exist. They do in fact perform a service valuable in certain quarters.

    If not for them, how would the trailing-edge technophobes in business (particularly in the US) gain the reassurance that it's "safe" (technically but especially politically) to use a given piece of tech? Never mind that the leading-edge and median users passed over that wave ages ago; what matters to the trailers is that [b]their[/b] herd is moving in the Approved Direction.

    So next time you read a report on an "analyst" either stating the obvious, or, equally likely, saying something that makes no sense at all (because [b]you[/b] know a better way to do it), remember: Dinosaurs are PHBs too - and they have budgets to spend.
    Jeff Dickey