GOP senators out to derail FCC on net neutrality

GOP senators out to derail FCC on net neutrality

Summary: Seven Republican senators have announced a plan to curb the Obama administration's push to impose controversial Net neutrality regulations on the Internet.


On Wednesday, Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina and six other GOP senators introduced legislation (PDF) that would dramatically limit the Federal Communications Commission's ability to regulate broadband providers.

"The FCC's rush to takeover the Internet is just the latest example of the need for fundamental reform to protect consumers," DeMint said in a statement. Without this legislation, DeMint said, the FCC will "impose unnecessary, antiquated regulations on the Internet."

The new bill--called the Freedom for Consumer Choice Act, or FCC Act--doesn't eliminate the FCC's power over broadband providers. But that power would be narrowed in scope, and come to resemble the antitrust enforcement power of the Department of Justice.

For more on this story, read GOP senators move to block FCC on Net neutrality on CNET News.

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  • GOP Bill: End of Internet Liberty

    Holy cow! These Republicans truly are possessed... by the spirit of the devil. Net neutrality is MY RIGHT to use whatever web site I damn well want too. These Republicans say consumers should only have access to the LIMITED SET of web sites that the ISP has a financial interest in. They can go to hell.
    • RE: GOP senators out to derail FCC on net neutrality

      @never mind - posted in wrong place...
    • RE: GOP senators out to derail FCC on net neutrality

      Liberalism is a mental disease,
      Please check yourself in.
      • RE: GOP senators out to derail FCC on net neutrality

        The day I say "ISPs should limit CHOICE of what internet sites I can go to", then I will need mental help. Hint, hint.
  • RE: GOP senators out to derail FCC on net neutrality

    Johnvoter,<br><br>You misunderstand their position. They don't want to limit what you have access to. On the contrary. Conservatives are all about freedom. They know, from history, that when the governmant gets involved, prices go up and unintnded consequences cause service degredation. They're trying to prevent that. They are not evil. Stop the hate.
    Software Architect 1982
    • RE: GOP senators out to derail FCC on net neutrality

      To Digital Video Expert:

      Thank you ... it's sad that most colleges now indoctrinate students into the { Republicans, corporations, capitalists } = EVIL mindset.

      Naive socialist teachers forget or ignore two facts: capitalism (and only capitalism) provides the incentive to innovate, and freedom provides the opportunity to make innovations real.

      Bloated, wasteful, and intrusive central government kills both opportunity AND innovation.
      • RE: GOP senators out to derail FCC on net neutrality

        Right, "socialist teachers". Because you think that the corporations should have voting rights and be free of taxes. How about those "socialist insurance agents" who encourage us to buy socialist insurance where we share the financial risk of getting into an auto accident? How about those "socialist civil engineers" who built community wide water purification and sewage treatment plants? How about those "socialist soldiers" who provide a shared defense of the United States?

        When teabaggers describe health insurance for all Americans as "socialist", is that their way of saying that socialist is a good thing?
      • RE: GOP senators out to derail FCC on net neutrality

        @Churlish thats because the republicans tell us they will cut spending, and lower taxes, they lowered taxes, and increased spending, (BTW not a dem here just a fact monger, actually I am libertarian) the corporations and capitalist were the ones who helped to run our economy into the ground because of their greed, every plan has issues that need to be dealt with, and greed is at the heart of all of them, in a perfect world you will get that, but the fact is we are a capitalistic society, and we have the slower internet that estonia, ESTONIA, I mean seriously, if it worked that great we would have the fastest internet available and we dont, because its like all the ISP's care about is making money and not innovating net products until they are forced to..... hmmmmmmmm
      • RE: GOP senators out to derail FCC on net neutrality

        The ISPs should be limited to provide a dumb, but fast, pipeline to the internet.

        When they start getting it in their heads that they can make (MUCH) more money by limiting our choice of what phone-over-internet service, or camera shop, or search engine we can use (because they have a financial relationship with certain web sites) THEY ARE MOTIVATED TO LIMIT OUR CHOICE or slow down the response time to competing web sites.

        Say after me: Conflict of Interest.
      • RE: GOP senators out to derail FCC on net neutrality

        @Churlish: After watching the wonderful effects of deregulation on companies like BP, Enron, and all those "too big to fail" financial institutions, I would question who's naive. What a capitalist/democratic system requires is the right amount of government, so we kill neither opportunity nor, more importantly, people.
    • RE: GOP senators out to derail FCC on net neutrality

      @Digital Video Expert


      This is the way that the internet has always been, but the ISPs want to CHANGE THE STATUS QUO so that they SLOW DOWN or disconnect the consumer from web sites, except for those that the ISP has a vested financial interest in.

      That is the exact opposite of internet liberty, regardless of your anti-American Government belief system.

      By the way, the civil rights act of 1967 imposed regulations on public accommodations, like hotels and restaurants. AMERICA WAS MADE A BETTER AND MORE FREE PLACE by this law.

      The Americans with Disabilities Act imposed new regulations on all businesses that are open to the public. AMERICA WAS MADE A BETTER AND MORE FREE PLACE.

      Your brand of politics should have died with George Wallace's change of heart on segregation. (He finally admitted that federal laws IMPOSING open access to schools, etc were the right thing to do.)

      I guess some people are so blinded by their hatred of the American Government, that they can't see why Wallace changed his mind.
    • RE: GOP senators out to derail FCC on net neutrality

      @Digital Video Expert Dude what they are trying to do is allow the providers to control their content much like what Comcast did by dropping bit torrent packets because they felt they were wasting bandwidth, TRUE net neutrality (not even what this bill the Dem proposed is) is when everyones traffic has the same importance, no body's traffic gets dropped, or lowered in priority, which is what the ISP's want to be able to do, and what the republicans are trying to allow for, nope screw em both...
      • RE: GOP senators out to derail FCC on net neutrality

        I have no idea why you think the Dems are not fighting for "true net neutrality". Your definition of net neutrality sounds just like mine.

        Now, I do think that ISPs have the right to limit the amount of data we use, but such limits should be imposed without discriminating for or against any internet site the consumer chooses.

        As I argued above ("Net Neutrality and Taco Stands"), it the ability of the consumer to freely choose whatever innovative new service they want that has given us this amazing crucible of innovation.
    • RE: GOP senators out to derail FCC on net neutrality

      @Digital Video Expert GOP wants freedom? You must be thinking of the Patriot Act.
    • RE: GOP senators out to derail FCC on net neutrality

      @Digital Video Expert
      You got another thing coming if you want to believe that. The Conservatives aren't all about freedom - remember the Patriot Act? Also, the Telcos and Cable companies (which are pretty much one and the same anymore) want control over the content you view, to the point where certain content providers - content providers that pay into a system of contracts that support the isp - are given a larger pipe than other providers that either don't have the contract or aren't big enough to even be offered the contract. It's not about freedom, it's about the almighty dollar, and when Corporations anywhere are given the right to police themselves, it's a matter of time before prices go up and quality, speed, and service go down.

      And "Stop the hate." What the...?! Seriously, conservatives have been the hater spewers as of late. You should change the channel from Faux News, because your perspective is way off.
  • RE: GOP senators out to derail FCC on net neutrality

    Perhaps once again things aren't always what they seem. These six senators, claiming to represent the public in this matter, have in fact accepted well over $340k in campaign contributions from various broadband providers. The majority of these contributions occurred in this year, according to statistics at
  • The internet and Taco stands

    The internet is like the roadway (or sidewalk) we all use to go to whatever store we choose to spend our money in.

    The internet has always provided equal access to any web based service (VOIP, video conferencing, Google, Foursquare, etc) that comes into existence.

    Now suppose that someone could come along and KEEP YOU OFF the roadways unless you agreed to only buy groceries at the store that THEY OWN (or have a financial interest in), use the doctor and dentist office that THEY OWN, and in fact could neither drive to or accept delivery from ANY business, except those that your new overlord had a financial interest.

    Is it the United States government, established by the ratification of the Constitution, elected by the people of many states that is trying to impose this NEW rule on the American people. EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE.

    It is the ISPs -- who would not even EXIST without the use of the publicly owned right of way -- who want to change the internet forever so that you and I cannot go to any web site that they don't have a financial interest in.

    And it is the People's Government, specifically the FCC, that is imposing a OPEN ACCESS RULE that exactly matches the drive anywhere you want heritage of the internet.

    THIS RULE IS NO MORE ONEROUS THAN THE NON-DISCRIMINATION RULES in the 1967 Civil Rights Act. And just as necessary.

    Right now, there have to be 50 Taco places within 10 miles of my house. The open roadway, the OPEN AND NEUTRAL ACCESS that consumers have to anyone who wants to open another Taco stand that makes this possible.

    When consumers have the right to choose whatever innovative new internet service they want WITHOUT INTERFERENCE BY ANY ISP, innovation prospers!

    PS. The internet was created by University academics AND FUNDED by the United States government. If you believe that "the US Government never does any good" then you are saying you wish there WAS NO INTERNET.
    • Just curious...


      John, if your ISP institutes policies that you don't like, what would keep you from switching to another provider? That is the free market way to regulate business behavior. I know that as a Progressive you always look to the government to solve your problems, but these sort of disputes have been handled for centuries the old fashioned way. You decide where to spend you money. If you don't like the way a particular business operates, you take your business elsewhere. It's not like you don't have many options for internet service.

      You throw out examples of government regulations that you say improved our society, and there certainly are many examples. What about the cases of government intrusion that caused more harm than good? Did not government regulation bring about the collapse of the lending industry recently? Did not government regulation make a total mess out of our health care system, bringing it to the brink of financial collapse? Even your Civil Rights Act, while accomplishing some good, has also caused harm in the form of decades of reverse discrimination. How about NCLB, which has done serious damage to our educational system? Not everything that comes out of Washington is a success, and if you choose to ignore the failures you are as blind as those who ignore the successes.
      • RE: GOP senators out to derail FCC on net neutrality


        All of the ISPs have the financial incentive to slow down or terminate the consumer's connection to any web site that the ISP doesn't have a financial interest in.

        The amount of money they stand to make, BY SELLING MY FREE ACCESS to any web I want, is enormous.

        Do not let a Al Qaeda like market fundamentalism drive you away from common sense. It is illogical to assume that ISPs -- or any corporation -- is going to put the public good in front of their own self interest.

        THIS IS WHY A GOVERNMENT IS NECESSARY. Complete unregulated companies will gladly WRECK THE ECONOMY, or sell our freedoms, if they see a way to make a profit on it.

        PS. By the way, I thought you were being ironic when it came to your mention of the financial collapse, but it appears that you are merely ignorant.

        Mortgage brokers sold liar's loans BECAUSE THEY MADE MONEY. (And because GOP appointed regulators did not stop them.)

        Banks converted iffy mortgages into securities BECAUSE THEY MONEY. (And because GOP appointed regulators did not stop them.)

        Privately owned rating agencies gave their highest ratings to toxic securitized mortgages BECAUSE THEY MAKE THEIR MONEY FROM THE VERY COMPANIES SELLING THE SECURITIES. (And regulators did not stop them.)

        AIG threatened the entire GD economy when they sold hundreds of BILLIONS in credit default swaps without setting aside the capital to cover them BECAUSE THEY MADE MONEY, FOR A WHILE.

        So how about adjusting your market fundamentalism to ACCOMODATE REALITY.

        And the only side effect of the civil rights act of 1967 was a BETTER AND MORE FREE AMERICA. Teabaggers are idiots.
      • Re: JohnVoter

        Wow, Johnny boy, your Progressive attitude that everyone who does not agree with you is an idiot simply proves that closed minds and bigotry cross the entire political spectrum.

        Yes, the lenders made money off of the bad loans that were made before the mortgage lending collapse, but you completely ignore the overriding effect of government intrusion beginning in the 70s under President Carter that required lenders to offer loans to the underprivileged. Weren't Fannie and Freddie created specifically for that purpose? Of course, you probably believe that giving home loans to people who cannot afford them is good financial policy.

        I also remember those Republican regulators (and legislators) trying in vain to reign in the out of control lending practices over the last 3 decades, only to be stopped by you Progressives. Everyone has the right to own their own home was the mantra of the Left. Why should only people with jobs and money have that privilege? The government will underwrite those loans and EVERYONE can own a home regardless of their financial status. As far as I am concerned, BOTH PARTIES are to blame, but then I am not a homer like you.

        So, yes, the big lenders made money off of the lending bubble, but it was government intrusion that created the atmosphere that lead to the problems in the first place. Likewise, our health care system used to be both effective and affordable, until the government got involved. First came the requirement that employers must offer insurance coverage, followed by requirements for specific coverages and limited copays, followed by drug coverage. Before all of that, insurance was only for emergencies like hospitalization, doctors visits were affordable and drugs were cheap and paid for out of pocket. For those who could not afford health care, charities stepped in and helped out. Now, of course, we are insulated from the true cost of health care and prices have skyrocketed across the board. Do you really think that drug companies could get away with charging $300 a pill if we paid for the drugs ourselves? Now, we have taken the final step of just putting the government in charge of the entire health care system, so I suppose everything will be just hunky dory, at least from your point of view.

        Yes, the Civil Rights Act made some very necessary changes. I grew up in the South and remember the Jim Crow laws first hand. Do you? I have also seen qualified people denied promotions or jobs because of racial quotas. I have seen talented individuals denied scholarships because they were not the right color. I have seen businesses have the low bid on a government project but watch the job go to another because they were minority owned. Tell me, from your Progressive perspective, is prejudice and discrimination ever justified? From my poor, ignorant conservative point of view discrimination is always evil. Of course, I also believe that forcibly taking from one to give to another is stealing (wealth redistribution), that government takeover of private business is Socialism, and that "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.", so I guess by your definition I am one of your idiot teabaggers. Funny thing is, our movement is growing and prospering while you Progressives and your Chosen One are sinking like the Titanic. People really were ready for Change, until they got a whiff of what you were selling. Now, we can't wait for November for real Change.