How to text without a cell phone

How to text without a cell phone

Summary: Teens in particular are turning to an app that assigns a real phone number and turns their iPod into a free texting device. Should carriers be worried?

TOPICS: Mobility, Telcos

Kids, of course, come in all varieties and their interests run the gamut. But when it comes to 10-year-old girls, I dare say, there are two ubiquitous desires: getting one's ears pierced and getting a cell phone.

And you may as well let go of that ol' school stereotype of a preteen--phone glued to ear--gabbing on and on with friends about inanities. The phone is not really for talking. It's for texting.

Which is why my own 10-year-old daughter--too young in her stodgy mom's eyes for piercings or a cell phone--was ecstatic to have found a workaround for the latter. Earlier this summer, a friend told her about an app for her iPod Touch called Textfree, which assigns her a real phone number and lets her send and receive texts for free.

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Topics: Mobility, Telcos

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  • What in the world is wrong with...

    ...letting a kid get her ears pierced? Not to mention, it provides parents with endless opportunities for inexpensive birthday and Christmas presents--especially since, if my daughter is typical, the mean time between her receiving a pair of earrings and losing one of them seems to be about a day. And that's up from the six hours or so it was when she was ten...
    Henry Miller
  • RE: How to text without a cell phone

    Thank for that exponentially uninformative article. Next time tell us something we haven't known for the last 3 years.