Lenovo desktops for small businesses

Lenovo desktops for small businesses

Summary: PC maker announces ThinkCentre desktops designed to reduce IT management hassles.

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Lenovo on Tuesday announced ThinkCentre desktop PCs designed specifically for small businesses.

The ThinkCentre E50 tower and small desktop PCs feature Intel's 915GV chipset with GMA 900 graphics and the SIS 661FX chipset, respectively. Both tower and small desktop PCs are available with Pentium 4 and Celeron D processors and six USB 2.0 ports.

The computers come loaded with rescue-and-recovery software designed to allow users to diagnose and recover from a crash without relying on a system maintenance staff, Lenovo said. The machines can also deploy an extra layer of support using preconfigured, automatic external backups to a server or external storage.

"We want to reduce the day-to-day IT management hassles small businesses face by providing basic PC functionality for easy to use solutions right out of the box," Bob Galush, vice president of product marketing at Lenovo, said in a statement.

The Chinese firm took over IBM's PC business earlier this year. Last month, it launched wide-screen ThinkPad computers.

The new offerings are available through business partners and the company Web site. Prices start at $379.

Topic: Hardware

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