LibreOffice expands users and reach

LibreOffice expands users and reach

Summary: LibreOffice is moving into the modern era with developers working on versions that run in Web browsers and on iOS and Android devices.


LibreOffice programmers are working to expand the reach of LibreOffice suite.

LibreOffice, the project forked from, is moving into the modern era with developers working on versions that run in Web browsers and on iOS and Android devices.

The Document Foundation announced the moves today at the LibreOffice Conference, but the work isn't available yet for ordinary folks to try.

"These are not products available to end users, but advanced development projects which will become products sometimes in late 2012 or early 2013," the foundation said today.

Still, the work shows signs that the project, which never seriously threatened the strength of Microsoft Office, is working to remain modern in a computing industry no longer dominated just by personal computers.

The LibreOffice Online prototype uses the GTK+ software framework, HTML's new Canvas interface for 2D graphics, and the Web Socket interface for high-speed communications between a browser and a server. Michael Meeks of the Suse Linux project is leading the project, the foundation said.

Another Suse programmer, Tor Lillqvist, is working on versions for Android and iOS tablets with the hope that the software will arrive on smaller devices.

"The user interface work has yet to start in earnest but the bulk of the code is compiling," the foundation said of the work.

The foundation also announced that several French government agencies are switching 500,000 computers, mostly Windows machines, from to LibreOffice. "This increases the Windows installed base of LibreOffice by 5 percent in a single move," the foundation said.

OpenOffice was an open-source Sun Microsystems project that hung in limbo for months after the Oracle acquisition. Some programmers, frustrated with the situation, struck off on their own with a new variation. Afterward, though, Oracle handed the project over to the Apache Software Foundation, a respected open-source oversight body, with the result being that programming, marketing, support, and other work is divided among two separate but similar projects.

Linux sellers including Red Hat, Suse, and Ubuntu have thrown their support behind LibreOffice, for example, but IBM decided to contribute to

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  • RE: LibreOffice expands users and reach
    • Go fourth and multiply, illigitimate child!

      No matter how many times you post a spam link, please take note of the fact that these blogs are read by techies and hence you are more likely to win a lottery without buying a ticket than to get them to click on it.
  • LibreOffice Empowers!

    I am a person who uses LibreOffice (LO) almost everyday.

    LO coming on tablets soon, so versatile!

    Try out the extensions available with LO. It makes LO even more useful. Here are some very good extensions for LO:
    - helps detect some grammar mistakes
    -Requires Java 6.0 or later.
    For Ubuntu (Linux) users I recommend they download libreoffice-java-common from the Ubuntu Software Center.
    that lets you quickly & easily upload to Google Docs

    I also recommend ???The complete Writer Guide???:


    & Getting Started guide (full book)
  • RE: LibreOffice expands users and reach

    ... as long as LO folks refuse to make a 64 bit version, I can't play with / errrr, investigate LO. Having said that, OOo (Sun) meets my needs and keeps me away from my now illegal MS Office (thanks, i4i!).
    Crashin Chris
    • RE: LibreOffice expands users and reach

      @Crashin Chris
      1. Why can't you use a 32bit program?
      2. There is a 64-bit version available for Linux. :-)
    • RE: LibreOffice expands users and reach

      @Crashin Chris

      Of course, you do realize that Microsoft Office (legally obtained or illegally obtained) has only one version that is 64 bit, right? ONLY MS Office 2010 comes in a 64-bit version.
      • RE: LibreOffice expands users and reach

        @benched42 and that version isn't installed by default (even on Win7 x64), is recommended NOT to be used by the MS Office team themselves and doesn't support a lot of extensions/add-ins (or, rather, a lot of extensions/add-ins don't support it!)
  • RE: LibreOffice expands users and reach

    I too tried LO when OOo was *orphaned*, everytime,3, we tried to install it just didn't play well with my W7 x64...finally scrubbed when OOo came back around...OOo > No Probs, but sure wish LO'd go x64 for us W7erz!<br>FTW, Freedom Thru Wisdom
    Lil ndn
  • Leaving OpenOffice In The Dust

    Where are those apologists saying LibreOffice should "rejoin the fold" and become part of OpenOffice again? Probably off somewhere trying to give OpenOffice CPR, I'll bet.
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