New Chrome 11 offers speech-to-text

New Chrome 11 offers speech-to-text

Summary: The jump from Chrome 11 beta to stable also includes 25 security changes, including 15 marked as high risk


Be careful venting your frustrations with modern technology when using the latest version of Google Chrome, released Wednesday. Chrome 11 comes with the ability to convert your speech to text, which could prove to be a big boon to people who have difficulty with keyboards as well as providing on the go translations when used with Google Translate.

The new feature, based in HTML 5, requires a microphone icon embedded in the web page. Click the icon and then speak into the computer's mike, and the input records as text. The browser automatically inserts the text into the available form field. At the time of writing, the microphone and voice-to-HTML feature appears to work only with English.

Other changes in Chrome 11 include the introduction of hardware accelerated 3D CSS, bug fixes in cloud print, a security update to the built-in version of Adobe Flash, and user agent string changes introduced to bring Chrome in line with user agent changes made in Firefox 4. The jump from Chrome 11 beta to stable also includes 25 security changes, including 15 marked as high risk. These fixes cover potential risks such as URL bar spoofing during navigation errors, and numerous instances of stale pointers in PDF forms, sandboxing, and drop-down list handling.

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  • How will it mesh with other Speech recognition?

    Will it improve the somewhat clunky interaction between Windows voice recognition or will you have to turn off one to use the other? Ditto for Dragon and any other Voice programs floating around.
    Also I'm assuming this will ultimately be incorperated into all the different versions, right?
  • RE: New Chrome 11 offers speech-to-text

    Outstanding! At last we are on the way to getting rid of the QWERTY keyboard - the keyboard designed to slow you down! Might not be perfect yet, but it's a big step in the right direction
  • RE: New Chrome 11 offers speech-to-text

    It would have been helpful--and logical--to provide the Google link to download the Google Chrome11 program to try out this new Speech to Text program. Also, is this a free program, or is there a charge, and if so, what is the cost. Poor presentation.

    Phil Scheier
  • Explanation

    Yeah you could have made it a little clearer what this program is and where to look at it. I've been using the Google Chrome 11 Beta for a while now and I had to go and find my own Speech-to-Text program. I'm pretty sure that you still have to do that. It's not like there is only one either. You could have been a little more specific. That's all.