Raspberry Pi delivers cheap Windows for SMBs

Raspberry Pi delivers cheap Windows for SMBs

Summary: A Raspberry Pi enthusiast has managed to get Windows 7 on the cheap Linux computer using Citrix XenDesktop.


A Raspberry Pi enthusiast has managed to get Windows 7 on the cheap Linux computer using Citrix XenDesktop, a sign that the device could bring savings to businesses, according to the foundation behind the device.

A video posted to YouTube shows a recently shipped Raspberry Pi running a Windows 7 virtual desktop, using Citrix XenDesktop 5.6 on a VMware ESXi 5 hypervisor, according to the poster, 'VirtualBigBANGtheory'. The credit card-sized computer was running the Debian Squeeze (version 6.0) OS and had Citrix Receiver and the Iceweasel browser preloaded, the poster noted.

The approach could allow firms that have to use Windows for legacy reasons to use the $45 Raspberry Pi, which itself cannot run the Microsoft operating system, according to Raspberry Pi Foundation spokeswoman Liz Upton.

For more on this story, read Raspberry Pi could bring 'cheap' Windows to companies on ZDNet UK.

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  • So...

    It's a terminal.

    Yeah, can't quite get excited over that.

    Of all the things you could do with one of these (and why limit yourself to one?) running Windows applications seems about the least exciting.
  • Wrong, its not $45, the US cost is $35 for model b

    so many inflate this $35 price to 40 or 45, for what gain i praytel? is it too much to ask that there is 100% truth in reporting?

    get the facts straight, $35 for model b, $25 for model a. it runs several linux ports, plus other virtual OS's.

    many things can be done with it, but it only has 256 Mb of RAM, so be forewarned
    • Nope

      It's more like $35 for Raspi + VAT + shipping... It will cost me arround $52 to ship to Slovenia...
      Look at this http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/871 for US: it's 40 bucks + tax...
  • Low Cost VDI solution

    Although promising, it is uninspiring. Who didn't think you could do this?
    Your Non Advocate
  • General Purpose Computing

    I think that more than just a few people will buy these and turn them into a low-cost computing platform for simple actions like web surfing, streaming internet radio, media players etc. Many consumers purchase expensive desktop computers that have way more power than they need.

    Users could easily build a very inexpensive computer for general uses using Raspberry Pi, as explained at http://www.tinyputers.com.
    • General Purpose Computing

      "Many consumers purchase expensive desktop computers that have way more power than they need. "
      And have expensive OS's that suck that power.
      • General Purpose Computing

        With lots of students learning programming on the Raspberry Pi (which obviously isn't a powerhouse at all), hopefully they'll also learn the importance of elegant (and efficient) programming.
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