Ubuntu plans shift to mobile

Ubuntu plans shift to mobile

Summary: In an exclusive interview, Canonical project manager Peter Goodall tells about their plan to expand Ubuntu.


Ubuntu has embarked on a shift in strategy that recognizes the growing use of smartphones and other non-PC devices for access to data and services.

In November, the project's backer Canonical revealed it will adapt the Linux distribution for tablets, phones, cars and smart TVs, with standalone OSes to arrive in 2014.

Over the last several years, the open-source OS has built up a strong following for its desktop and server editions, though it has lost ground recently to Linux Mint and Fedora. One reason could be Ubuntu's switch from Gnome to Unity as the default user interface, which initially drew a mixed reaction from long-time users.

However, the Unity interface is touch-friendly, so it fits more neatly into Ubuntu's long-term plans. Mobile and consumer devices are proliferating, and it is important for Ubuntu as a platform to move with those markets, according to Canonical product manager Peter Goodall.

Goodall, who oversees product strategy for Ubuntu, sat down with ZDNet UK at CES 2012 to talk about what is in store for Ubuntu, why the project felt it necessary to move in a new direction and why it believes it has the nous to succeed.

For more, read the full interview with Ubuntu's Peter Goodall on ZDNet UK.

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  • RE: Ubuntu plans shift to mobile

    Kudos Canonical
  • RE: Ubuntu plans shift to mobile

    I could of pointed that 1 out a year ago. the latest release of Ubuntu is stricked and mobile like
    • RE: Ubuntu plans shift to mobile

      You could [b]have[/b] pointed out that Ubuntu is [i]"stricked"[/i]??????
      What on earth is that supposed to mean?

      [i]"Mick, Mick, speak English!"[/i]
      (with apologies to Whoopi Goldberg)
  • RE: Ubuntu plans shift to mobile

    Mixed reaction? Somebody *liked* Unity as a desktop?
    • RE: Ubuntu plans shift to mobile

      @sullivanjc There are only so many geeks in the world and that makes for a very small market. Ubuntu is trying very hard to un-geek Linux, so regular people can use it too. Bigger market you see.
      • RE: Ubuntu plans shift to mobile

        More power to them!
        The masses desperately need something useable!
        (As shown by the popularity of iPhones and iPads.)
    • RE: Somebody *liked* Unity as a desktop?


      Quick, get them to a secure mental hospital!!!

      I have both Natty and Precise installs, and the first thing I did [b]was to get rid of Unity[/b]. What a f---ing abomination (for a [b]desktop[/b]).
  • RE: Ubuntu plans shift to mobile

    Looks like their plans are drawing a massive meh.