UK police make Zeus Trojan arrests

UK police make Zeus Trojan arrests

Summary: The UK Metropolitan Police Central e-Crime Unit made two arrests earlier this month for suspected use of the Zeus Trojan.

TOPICS: Malware, Security
The UK Metropolitan Police Central e-Crime Unit made two arrests earlier this month for suspected use of the Zeus Trojan.

A man and a woman, both 20, were apprehended in Manchester on 3 November in Europe's first arrests with regard to Zeus, according to a Met Police statement on Wednesday.

A Met Police spokesperson told ZDNet UK on Thursday that a man and a woman had been arrested for suspected criminal distribution of the Trojan, which is also known as Zbot.

The two have not yet been formally charged, said the spokesperson, who added that they have been given police bail while the investigation continues.

For more, read "UK police make Zeus Trojan arrests " from ZDNet UK.

Topics: Malware, Security

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  • You mean they actually CAUGHT SOMEONE?

    I'm absolutely shocked by this turn of events, I
    thought that they were never going to catch anyone
    connected with these trojans that are flitting
  • RE: UK police make Zeus Trojan arrests

    You mean they actually took the time to track someone to
  • RE: UK police make Zeus Trojan arrests

    This is a good sign. Now we just have to find out if the punishment will be strong enough to deter everyone else from doing it.
  • RE: UK police make Zeus Trojan arrests

    Microsoft, Apple, et al, should be giving significant rewards to the people who track down these cyber-polluters. A huge reward should await anyone who tracks down the originators of the viruses.
    Non Compos Mentis
    • Best Idea I've heard in a long time

      If the industry put up a million dollar reward, there'd be an army of hackers doing their best to track down the scum.
  • RE: UK police make Zeus Trojan arrests

    It's about time! Now get some bigger fish!
  • Next they will offer them jobs with security companies

    They will also offer them a six figure income. While we continue to fight off their attacks and make 1/3 of that if we are lucky.

    The Internet has been trashed and people are avoiding it like the plague. It is like walking through a minefield!
    • Not necessarily.

      A lifetime ago, I'm talking multiple decades, long before the internet,
      as a very young and stupid computer enthusiast badly in need of a
      lesson about actions having consequences, I wrote a non-destructive
      worm, which was widely reported on as a "virus". I was caught. While
      my case didn't attract global attention, it certainly did appear in
      regional and even some national media at the time.

      Let me assure you, no job offers came rolling in. All I got were a
      substantial fine and one federal felony charge which eventually didn't
      come to trial only for unrelated and coincidental reasons. That's plus
      the horrible eight-month ordeal of just dealing with the escalating
      consequences, which were probably still less harsh than I deserved. It
      was an awful experience, however much deserved, and ended up only
      with me feeling lucky just not to be in jail. And I did something orders
      of magnitude less severe than these people did.

      If my experience was anything to go by, they're likely never to get
      anything more positive out of having done this than months or years
      of intense stress followed by a very long-term feeling of severe
      regret, strong enough to keep them from ever causing any kind of
      trouble again.

    • @bobdavis321

      Haha. People that hack and get caught don't get job offers. No-one likes a hacker. In the USA there's a few old hackers that work for companies or freelance, but that's not the norm. I'm currently doing an I.T. Security course. You know how difficult it is to do research outside of uni? Where every program and script I use or make is illegal? Illegal meaning jail terms, fines, bans from computers, ASIO or the equivalent watching you for the rest of your life, etc, etc.

      You don't get a six figure income by hacking a computer. You get a harsher punishment than most murderers. =P
  • Zeus Trojan is really dangerous

    Zeus Trojan is certainly one of the deadliest Trojans to target the financial websites. It is learnt that Zeus Trojan has now acquired the capabilities to break into users? bank accounts in spite of two-factor authentication systems.
    Be warned.